Website development does not want superstition to make static page

Summary: This article basically is aimed at process designing of begin to learn and the lover that the website builds first to offer each person point of view, hope everybody is not fanatic a lot of now alleged and popular technology.

Latter, the deepness study that a lot of netizens ask me (Asp) program () , the hope can make static page. Purpose no more than is to hope to search engine to like, the chance that can be searched is some more, namely engine of so called search is optimized (Seo) the first diagnostic result that also may give a client this the website with expert of a lot of so called SEO is about page static state is changed. Because dynamic page cannot do SEO,this is not, however page of opposite static state, the SEO of dynamic page can increase some of difficulty, the technical capability place that gets these SEO experts is restricted just.

At present most search engine can collect dynamic page, the station check the number that uses dynamic page also is more than the station check the number of static page far.

To search engine, static page and dynamic page do not have special likes and dislikes, just occasionally the parameter mechanism of dynamic page goes against search engine to collect, and static page is collected more easily just. In addition, static page reduces systematic load on certain level, also raised a page to visit speed and systematic performance and stability.

Everybody can see this website did not use static page, the habit that searchs engine search is taken care of more when needing to develop only, when searching Harbin computer school, after discharging the promotion advertisement that searching a result closely, believe everybody knows the meaning of promotion, so your click disfavor where to begin? ?

However to large and medium-sized website, the static state changes brought issue and after-cost also not allow to ignore:

As a result of generated file amount more, the problem of the quantitative issue that memory needs to consider file, folder and disk space size needs many server facilities;

The program is read often in writing a site larger area content, issue of consideration disk damage and the accident that its bring are on guard with restore hardware loss to want backup of newer, site to want to reach the designated position;

The complexity that the page safeguards and big workload, reach brought page to safeguard seasonable sex problem to need site of one a complete set of to update system and professional site to maintain staff;

Site static state is changed, increased to maintain difficulty and strength of website administrator job newlier, raised hardware equipment demand and loss rate, increased the visit conflict with potential site and breakdown probability. large to website, this is the issue that must consider.

As above analysis, optimize to SEO, dynamic page also can do good SEO to optimize euqally. And through a few software development and server technology also can be accomplished do not need true static state to change, it is OK to need to pretend only.

A lot of large websites although of network address suffixal for. Htm, but still be dynamic page actually, just used the means such as bogus Html link, URL Rewrite to cheat search engine, of truly complete static state did not discover a few.

The problem is safeguarded newlier to go up in the page, even if bogus static state, also brought many safeguarded complexity and workload euqally.

Everybody should understand my meaning here, website SEO is not certain need static state to change. The static state is changed to website SEO, ought to be an auxiliary method only, the site that tells search engine me is very good collect, guide search engine to browse the content inside the site more as far as possible next. And want to be able to go to the lavatory to browse and be collected only, it is static page or dynamic page no matter, the search brings those who prop up metropolis treat equally without discrimination to collect.

To small website, site static state is changed is a when solve a website to collect an amount simple way probably, and to big website, wanted to consider seriously, be necessary to do a static state to change really, still do opposite static state to change enough.

Respecting this, a total word spends idea Seo to be inferior to hard making the distinguishing feature of the website with its, too much reduplicative is duplicate can flood your website the ocean in rubbish webpage in, have only achieve trait formerly, most the keep an eye on that the webpage of the exclusive information data that rolls out first just can get searching engine truly.

We are in progress, search engine algorithm also is being improved, with its joker, be an upright person as sureness