Website correcting, you should notice SEOER some of what

With respect to nowadays, baidu collects new station period very hard. A lot of SEOER are to build a rich settle or live in a strange place first, after waiting to collect, undertaking website correcting. Website correcting to each website, the likelihood is very common, a thing that can encounter more or less.

If the word of your ignored SEO, website correcting perhaps is not so troublesome issue; But if have enough attention to SEO, that website correcting is not so simple thing. Website correcting itself is a meddlesome affection, the hope can bring new page visual perception to the user, will promote the square respect of the website the face. Website correcting while need has handled the issue that comes from search engine first, if handle bad, may appear a few cause the discharge, losing problem that registers member, sale because of website correcting.

Originally a meddlesome affection, because consider,the likelihood is met not and turn an evildoing into affection.

If the purpose of website correcting is to satisfy an user while, also satisfy the word that searchs engine. That undertakes planning to the website with respect to need with the thinking of SEO, everything designs layout of website structure, keyword, page around SEO content of website of design, construction, how to handle the side issue such as URL. Because SEO needs to reduce a website to cite the loss that props up in the search, need is accomplished won’t bring about discharge because of website correcting to reduce, collect a page to decrease etc.

Moth bewitching basis is right the experience of website correcting respect, give a few proposals:

One, the Google of what page in examining next websites first is ranked or other search engine ranks had been compared.

To having the webpage of the rank, cannot delete these pages or correcting here the URL of the page, it is the content to the webpage even, also do not want to be changed casually.

2, the URL that does not change a website.

The URL with original website is regular, do not want to alter easily. Can increase new URL regulation, but do not transform to original URL undertake changing. If original URL regulation is changed, that search makes the address that props up the webpage that has collected, with respect to can total be no longer in force. This is a deathblow to the website. Can examine read all the way (Http: / / / ) a of June 2, 2008 relevant article: URL, chongzhongzhi is heavy.

3, do not change website structure.

If original website alls alone there is good performance on engine in search, so among the website correcting in this, do not change website structure easily. The show that if original website is searching engine,attends is bad, that need is in this website correcting, decide the structure of good website directly.

4, the website data that withholds old edition.

After the website of new edition is released, want to retain period of time on the server to the website of old edition, and want a link is done to point to old edition on the website interface of new edition.

5, SEO guiding is updated.

After the line on new edition website, the spider that should let search engine as soon as possible comes climb on the website take news. How can accomplish fast index letting search to prop up a spider to call in, can undertake introductory through the following:

1, increase a website exterior link, of exterior link expanding cannot be to emphasize a measure only, need pays attention to quality at the same time.

2, refer XML website map;

Through expediting search index props up the speed that the spider calls in, will shorten the bridging time of website correcting.

6, 404 pages.

Website correcting hard to avoid can cause invalidation of address of a few pages, for website design an user experiences good 404 pages undertake navigation to website invalidation page, reduce the condition that allows an user to come up against a page to cannot be opened. At the same time need undertakes the maintenance of SEO significant link.

Moth bewitching friendship reminds:

The survey of website correcting early days works, very important. How can smooth correcting, do not cause the intense wave motion that searchs engine. If company interior does not have professional SEO group, had better be the SEO company of advisory major.