Website correcting website optimizes plan framework keyword and picture

One, website structural frame is perfect

Exceed a link to optimize:

1.URL optimizes:

The Url the website optimizes the Url with taller weight. (U uses static URL entirely, do not appear in URL? , = , % , and, the symbol such as $ . Nevertheless our page should do not have this problem. )

2.Become the link inside good station:

Become the between of all kinds page relevant link inside good station, this is very important, this respect has been done, can use the in-house link of the website first in correcting initial stage, establish numerous and retrorse link for important keyword page. (retrorse link is webpage and webpage between, either between website and website. So each other is linked between website interior page, also be each other is linked reversely, very beneficial to the rank. )

3.URL catalog should simplify:

Search engine has patiently meeting to go only commonly capture the 2 documents that issue to three-layer subdirectory, won’t exceed 4 at most, unless be the page with particularly high quality. The catalog like this kind cannot be extended downward again

Navigation structure optimizes:

The optimize principle of navigation structure is to should be opposite not just the user is friendly, the capture that must satisfy search engine at the same time is trouble-free, be like: Dress enrols business, dress joins in, dress brand, add cent all these is pair of every channel pages.

Search engine can be planted to this the link that appears for many times inside one station gives take seriously adequately, rise to what PR is worth have very great help, the webpage level that this also is every website home page is average the reason of page of prep above other, because every stature page had a link to home page.

Content structure is optimized

Content is optimized also is website structure is optimized most a content of the foundation.

When to suggest:

The content that 1. updates everyday puts home page to show, for instance news, dress enrols business, dress joins in information.

The content that 2. user pays close attention to also should put home page to reveal (OK and referenced tiring-room each column is daily visit statistic) .

3. forms the content of industry authority atmosphere easily to promote home page to show, increase the authority of the website, highlight more authoritative website partner to wait for instance.

2, control amount of each page keyword

The keyword in one page does not exceed 3 at most, next all content spread out in the light of keyword of these a few core, ability makes sure keyword density is reasonable. Search engine also can think this page topic is specific. To home page, if really a large number of keywords need to appear, can be written in other page dispersedly and specific aim is optimized, let these pages also have the effect of home page. This also is why the reason that the keyword of home page and channel page should distinguish somewhat. The channel that for instance we have dress to enrol business also has exhibit the channel of the meeting, the odd webpage of different to every subject undertakes optimizing, is not a key word full set out is on home page.

3, of the picture optimize (this is the place that we notice to be less than at ordinary times)

With the person’s habit, search engine visits a page, if exceed 20 seconds to be able to abandon a visit, and the time that the webpage opens depends on greatly the size of the picture in the webpage. To webpage picture optimize, basically pass the elephant that reduces a picture dimension of element, contractible picture and reduce defend oneself rate will narrow file. In addition, cut of will big picture undertakes joining together within different form interval into a certain number of little pictures, also can accelerate download time relatively. Additional, to the picture optimize still have add ALT attribute character and picture character specification, those who carry pair of pictures optimize, can make search engine to search our picture according to these clew:

1, the descriptive text version that includes a keyword is added in picture upper part or lower part;

2, one increases to include a keyword in code paragraph Heading caption label, increase literal description in picture lower part next.

3, in the picture lower part or on the side if more is such-and-such,increase link, include a keyword.

In general, to the optimize or should reduce big picture and contractible picture as far as possible to load time of the picture. The character in Alt attribute is propped up to search index for, its importance wants than the character of text content low.