Website Baidu rank drops reach not stable analysis and proposal

Did 6 months to rank the station of the PR3 of the 3rd, just was done what new station rank squeezes to drop by with what do not stabilize, really unwilling, summed up dot experience to be shared with everybody discuss!

Blue cruel vogue is the first station that myself makes, because be new personality,be so above the technology very defective, can rely on to be made up for conscientiously only! The son that becomes oneself is cherished euqally, the time that defends everyday exceeds 12 hours, basically besides sleep and have a meal, other time is spent above! Everyday the job basically replaces content and hair card namely, add some of exterior link, wait for the thing with these stationmaster hep doors!

The website will be done September, to December the rank is stabilized advanced 3, that is to say very glad really, because spent very old idea to did not waste, it is the first station, the heart thinks I can do a website, I also became center, ah!

Rank all the time very stable, until a few days ago, a new station rushed suddenly, had not paid close attention to at all originally, tell the truth, when seeing, the heart was hanged immediately rise, that pressure is returned by discharge than going to work really big!

Spent how old idea, cannot by new station suffers a defeat! Brain thinks so, next not paragraph analysis, oneself analysed the following influences to rank an element, still ask everybody to time helps me look, when is this main!

1, domain name

The station keyword that I do is Levis, but this word did not appear in my website domain name, his domain name begin is Levis, know this calls a domain name Seo later

2, the position of the program

This station I am to be put below folder, and did not put below root catalog directly, the friend that makes a network with a few later considered to fall, think this has certain effect to Seo, (think now take, the program is Php, involve a database, new personality is done not have dare easily move, be afraid that data is missing, ) thinking method is handled.

3, FLASH animation

I added 2 paragraphs Flash animation to enhance the result in the website, suspicion searchs engine this sensitive to Flash, examined much Seo data later, seem to have bit of objection about this bit of everybody, but for insurance for the purpose of, I still decide opportune opportune moment Flash take out.

4, exterior link

What my exterior link in the website adds is the station that I think quality pretty is tall, the link is so less, but his station added N the quality of Pr0 is not very tall exterior link, exterior link is quality after all important, or the amount is significant, I am done did not understand! ! !

5, program

His program is a static state, of my Php, although everybody knows to the static state is ranked below coequal condition " dynamic, but he has a few pages only, baidu is collected with respect to 1 page, but my station is updated everyday, baidu also is collected everyday, this or the content that Baidu says are king?


The Title that I have a lot of pages is same, do not know this can influential also?

Do not know besides above this when, still have those are influences, hope everybody can see my station help me analyse, be in next willing be very obliged! ! !

Also raise bit of proposal to the new personality like me:

1. does a station to rely on discharge——Effective discharge relies on to search engine——-Search engine relies on Seo+ content to want to undertake Seo appropriately.

When 2. makes a station, want to cater to a search, should cater to the experience of the user more.

3. relies on this to live, should analyse ceaselessly + adjust + insisting to had made a station is not 3, thing of 2 days.