Website administrator can revise a website add link

According to report of guest of Google stationmaster rich, google allows website administrator proper motion to revise Sitelinks at present (the website is add link) . So called Sitelinks (the website is add link) those who point to is to become you to search certain keyword in Google when, a few important pages that the system shows automatically in order to help an user quick navigation.

Sitelinks (the website is add link) the process that showing is complete automation, the result of algorithmic can analytic website of Google and content decide the page adds what as the website the link is offerred, these algorithm of add link just are aimed at the website partial website, be not in the light of all website.

Now, it is OK that the administrator of the website logs onto Google Webmaster Tools oneself will choose to show or do not show certain Sitelinks (the website is add link) , because some of Sitelinks may do not have what good to the user, so the administrator is OK the hand is moved delete its. When you delete a page, inside 90 days this page won’t appear in Sitelinks, nevertheless, delete become effective to need the time that a week influences.

Examine and manage your Sitelinks, login pleaseInterface of Google Webmaster ToolsIn, choice Sitelinks (the website is linked) OK managing, following plan institute are shown.

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