Webpage content is aimed at user and the diverse demand that search engine

Who is webpage content to be written to look? The client does not ask me this question, however I put forward. To understand and holding of this problem, can see your understanding rate to SEO.

Probably architect of a lot of websites says none can hesitantly: Webpage content, be to give what the user looks of course. Actually, this is the thinking that generation website builds, website of the 3rd acting SEO builds a thought to point out: Webpage content, just do not look to the user, it is to give search engine to look more.

One, webpage content should write an user to look, you need:

1. knows advertisement to learn thinking

The user that allows different type can find them to like the news that watch on your site, the information that the user agrees with wins credit more easily. Make the user becomes your client thereby.

2. is shorter better

The time of the user is very valuable, they all along so won’t serious the content that visits a new site, we are opposite no less than the manner of other site in that way.

3. content should have key of primary and secondary

Some contains boldface written language, it is this purpose.

4. thinking guides

Art design, picture, animation is waited a moment, guide an user to undertake along with your thinking.

2, webpage content writes search engine to look, you need:

1. decides the keyword of the webpage, appear often inside the article next

Tell about the webpage of the method that build a station for instance, mingling the method that build a station to perhaps build station method word inside the webpage, and should write these vocabularies to establish station method.

2. is little

The keyword of every webpage does not exceed 3, let content around move the keyword spreads out.

3. is current

The keyword should appear in caption, Mate Keywords, Mate Description.

4. is outstanding

Increase boldface, inclined put oneself in another’s position to the keyword, perhaps put H1 between. Be crucial!

5. quality

Proper when, connect a few keywords to authoritative professional site. For instance, your webpage tells about the content related SEO, so connect SEO to the relevant man about SEO as link anchorage text, let search more believe firmly webpage content theme.

Catenary of 6. each other

The form that webpage content page passes link anchorage text version is coadjacent.