Webpage capture is preferential and politic

First strategy also calls webpage capture the page selects an issue (Page Selection) , it is normally as far as possible above all the webpage of capture importance, such assurance that the webpage with those high value is taken care of as far as possible inside limited natural resources. So what webpage is just is value high? How to quantify importance?

Importance magnanimity is welcomed to spend by the link, the link is important spend and link deepness on average this respect decision.

Definition link welcomes to spend for IB(P) , it is main by retrorse link (the amount of Backinks) and quality decision. Inspect amount above all, tell intuitionisticly, a webpage has more link to point to it (retrorse link number is much) , so state other webpage is approbated to his. The opportunity that at the same time this webpage is visited by the netizen is great, speculation gives its importance to also inspect quality next with respect to taller; , if be pointed to by the net with more high value, so its value is higher also. If take no account of quality, can appear local and best, is not the problem with best overall situation. The most typical is cogged webpage, factitious ground installed a large number of links that oppose plan to point to the webpage of its oneself in a few webpages, in order to increase the value of this webpage. If take no account of link quality, can be used by these cribber place.

Definition link is important degree for IL(P) , it is a function about URL string, inspect string itself merely. The link is important degree basically pass a few mode, think to include.COM for instance or the URL of HOME is important degree tall, and have less sprit (the URL of Slash) is important degree advanced.

The definition links deepness on average to be ID(P) , this is achieved for author place. ID(P) expresses to be in gather of site of a seed, if every seed site is put in a link (width is preferential the regulation that all over all previous) arrive at this webpage, deepness of so average link is the another value index of this webpage. Because distance seed site is closer, explain the chance that is visited is more, further from seminal site, value is lower. In fact, according to width the preferential regulation that all over all previous can satisfy the webpage with this kind of high value by the need of preferential capture.

Finally, the magnanimity that defines webpage value is I(P) , it by above linear of two quantized value is decided, namely:

I(P) = A*IB(P)+β*IL(P)

Average link deepness is the same as the regulation alling over all previous with preferential width to assure, because of the index that this nonfeasance importance evaluates. In capture ability finite circumstance falls, if can catch the webpage with high value as far as possible, be reasonable science, the webpage that is inquired finally by the user often also is the webpage with those high value.

Although such already enough and perfect looking, in fact, still ignored a main essential factor – – time. Time brings about the one side that World-Wide-Web trends changes. How Where is the webpage that those add capture newly? How to visit those webpages that were revised again? How to discover those webpages that were deleted? Change to maintain the synchronism with World-Wide-Web webpage, must the webpage visits strategy again. Increase through this are politic OK identifying, revise reach delete a webpage the circumstance that these 3 kinds of webpages change.