Web 2.0 peak meets: Google and Wikipedia talk about rubbish to filter

Core clew: Link hard to avoid encounters rubbish news. Spammer people use promotion site rubbish, website of victim of infuse of information of flaw general rubbish discovers in system of a few old CMS.

If you are stared at by dog young team,be in Hollywood before last, explain you are successful, in Silicon Valley, if you are stared at to go up by rubbish information, also explain you are successful. Zhou San in the morning, meet in Web 2.0 peak (Web 2.0 Summit) , come from Google, reddit, the delegate of Pramana and Wikipedia is communicative how to boycott rubbish information.

The opposes rubbish information group director Matt Cutts of Google says, if you provide the service related the link, encounter rubbish news with respect to hard to avoid. Cutts spoke of the rubbish information of 3 kinds of types, spammer people the webpage that links; to allow an user to offer feedback to those with the rubbish that will popularize a site refers rubbish content; to discover website of victim of infuse of information of flaw general rubbish from inside a few old CMS systems.

Be aimed at rubbish information, cutts suggests to use Akismet a kind information filters service, deploy CAPTCHA, hit a patch frequently, collect fees to registering even wait for a method to undertake answering. He suggests people jumps out thinking circle, the means that uses a few expect to be less than makes do rubbish information. If you let rubbish information promulgator produce frustrate move, more effective than collecting fees to them.

The father Steve Huffman of Reddit spoke of a few methods that they use, undertake misdirect to rubbish information dispatcher. He expresses, reddit is a kind of similar Digg but better than Digg service, digg allows an user to refer the link of the content that they like, undertake polling to issuance content, obtain voting number to be jumped over much content by reading odds big.

But Reddit differs somewhat, in Reddit, some are voting be not calculated. Once Reddit explores a someone,be to be in send rubbish message, his account can be boycotted, but the person that Reddit won’t inform hair rubbish information, his carry reassign on the rails, but the content that he refers won’t be released. Huffman expresses, we use a few skill to let rubbish information dispatcher think their intrigue prevails.

Jonathan Hochman is the administrator of Wikipedia, he spoke of Wikipedia should be being mixed to rubbish information a few strategy that when be being destroyed in cold blood, use. He says, we cost a lot of time to let Wikipedia maintain clean. In Wikipedia 20% be being operated to the editor of 30% is to be destroyed in cold blood and to the rehabilitate that destroys in cold blood.

Wikipedia is one allows any ginseng and compilatory online encyclopedia, but what little humanness knows is, what this site relies on is the computer edits automatically, hochman explains, a few voluntary programs participated in an editor to work.

For instance ClueBot, it participated in the editor of about 800 thousand articles, clueBot did a large number of articles to recover from an illness to work with repair, if somebody undertakes destructive to a certain page ceaselessly, it meets a notifier undertake intervention.

The CEO Sanjay Sehgal of Praman told about their HumanPresent technology, this technology uses those who protect them to just be released, the huge player game that has not name, he says, CAPTCHA is not effective, because be defeated very easily,solve.

The technology of Pramana can try to discern true user and voluntary program. There is player of too much robot to be able to let game break down in a game. This technology is used at preventing Spam not just, return a help to improve user experience, provide discharge data. Since used HumanPresent technology, pramana discovers 12% come from robot program to the discharge of 15% .

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