Wave elder brother: Baidu and stationmaster played hide-and-seek 2008

Had not ended in January 2008, baidu updates a movement to increase, deepness also is strengthened! This is glad to mix to stationmaster terrible. Glad is have collected possibility newlier at any time at any time! It is awfully before the meeting of existence by harmony!

Do not say this first, basically say this to play hide-and-seek

Expression is to search the contest price before a certain term to discharge some of position in foremost face!

This expression still results from wave elder brother stays up late boil a stomach trouble, do not think up the door however for cure, seeing a few introductions be like his is atrophic sex gastritis, good go seeking treatment of gastritis of sex of remedial method atrophy! / S? Tn=sitehao123ct=0ie=gb2312bs=%CE%AE%CB%F5%D0%D4%CE%B8%D1%D7%D6%CE%C1%C6sr=z=cl=3f=8wd=%CE%AE%CB%F5%D0%D4%CE%B8%D1%D7%D6%CE%C1%C6 sees be mixed in the first the last it is promotion (wave elder brother seat is Beijing, a few promotion qualified area, different place perhaps behaves a result different)

The promotion before everybody thinks is uniform and advanced almost, after searching a result naturally to be in, but alternating however now!

Guess: Baidu is popularized (contest price) regular adjustment

Numerous perhaps businessman suggests to say we are discharged in foremost face, the client has known that is advertisement, they span these advertisement look for natural rank directly! Our interest cannot arise! The requirement changes pattern, we think the platoon is in finally a few the effect is better perhaps!

Client and Baidu are become to support an experience to negotiate processing at present such!

Advantage: Stationmaster people before the position can lean some! Because of the person that popularize people after liking to lean, before you can lean! But not be all promotion such, you perhaps luck is not very very good!

Essence: Wave it is important that elder brother examined contest price to rank professional work announcement

It is to cite partly below!

2, all contest price inside the system popularize a link under the keyword that has price, in the search the result develops the seat mediumly, the upper part from the first page, change the lower part section of the first page.

Above is adjusted will begin to be carried out in succession since January 22; We hope to be adjusted through this, can let broad client have more administrative spaces to his keyword, optimize ceaselessly thereby, promotion dependency, in network promotion effect and user search requirement two respects come true double win.

Appreciate everybody’s accredit and support again!

Baidu company

On January 7, 2008

It is so such! So we cast promotion to be told from SEO, such regulation more benefit at doing SEO in certain blame popular word can begin the little before leaning!

Wave elder brother advocates: Everybody is done do do not want too hot term, somes such your gains are bigger!

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