Was Google changed to exchanging the manner of the link?

The link is the basis that Internet becomes Internet, suitable also manage bear the main basis that chapter ground becomes search engine to judge webpage importance and authority to spend. Opposite at Yahoo! With Live search, the rank algorithm of Google is stronger to the dependence of the link as to Baidu, because of oneself ability place is restricted, dare not decide, but blot out the sky and cover up the earth to sing tongue twister to look greatly in those days from its, in its perhaps that magical Chinese in algorithm segments a technology to removing more crucial action to suffer the effect of of all kinds and artificial link more easily, also because of this, how Google is solving blame nature to link also is to the influence respect of the rank most of effort, say objectively, the effect is very distinct still, object clearly paying cost the link for example, the vivosphere that lets and so on of such as Text Link Ads directly is compressed almost completely.

Recently, attentive friend may have noticed, the link plan that Google causes penalty to the likelihood in website administrator center gave out detailed demarcate, among them, point out you link me explicitly the link that I link you is exchanged or mutually beneficial link will be final webpage rank to bring negative effect, a friend sends mail to enquire accordingly, this meant Google to produce the change of essential sex to exchanging the manner of the link, mean will avoid to exchange a link in SEO henceforth.

We talk below the view to this.

Commutative link: Small effect but exist generally

Although from individual angle, I support repellent attitude all the time to exchanging a link, SEO exploration never also has accepted any pleas that link about exchange, but because the individual thinks exchange links the efficiency of unwarrantable SEO,that basically is, exchange so that the link that come assures dependency very hard not only, and link value is extremely easy also shrink, can not call a kind of reliable SEO measure. Believe nonexistent controversy at this o’clock, after all, the executive doorsill that exchanges a link is very low, can say any websites want to be willing to be able to be used only almost, the inevitable result that carries out easily is a meaning not quite.

But on the other hand, linking executive low doorsill because of exchange, also make its are widespread presence on Internet, almost the behavior that the website of great majority is existing more or less to exchange a link. Although we cannot from this and those who say existence is reasonable, but, with Google clever, is true meeting right so does the behavior of a kind of widespread presence move a knife? Have the suspicion of windmill of battle of heart of scold of dot hall auspicious it seems that.

Will Google punish commutative link?

In making us specific see Google be the webpage that links plan in this name, be how say (it is exemple) with Chinese edition:

But, certain website administrator uses a link to exchange program, pure be linked for across and build cooperative business webpage, and neglect a link (origin) quality reachs his to be opposite the long-term effect that has a website oneself. This kind of practice violates the website administrator guideline of Google, the rank in searching a result possibly to the website produces negative effect. The give typical examples that links plan includes:

* aims to operate the link of PageRank
* links the banned website to the network or evil adjacent
* link exchange and plan of mutually beneficial link (you link me, I link you. )
* is bought or market a link

Above all, the ID date from this page 66356 in light of, this page should be advanced newer stylish joins guideline of paragraph of administrator of time Google website, we ever had introduced ID to be the conceal true content or cheats a gender serious directional step of 66355 and ID to be the automatic inquiry of 66357 at that time, had leaked however this one. Very interesting is, in the page of guideline of Google website administrator after update, new joined ID to note from 66353 ~ 66361(: 66360 nonexistent) other and entire content, and alone does not have this page, did not know what to show. Statement, be by no means metaphor this page by the trainee the meaning of compose. The style or manner of writing of this page is quite interesting also: Press general understanding, 4 give a demonstration that its arrange, should be paratactic, cannot include each other namely at least, but analyse objectively, is its exchange link and pass an imperial examination of mutually beneficial link the 3rd times to are 4 bought or market a link to aim to operate the subclass of the link of PageRank? Perhaps some friends disagree to this. E.g. , perhaps think to buy or marketting a link is not undeserved, but if buy or the demand that Google presses when the sale is linked uses Nofollow property or weigh the link directional if coming to be gotten on by the intermediate webpage of Robots.txt file intercept, its should not appear completely in the list of give typical examples that brings about penalty possibly! A kind of what kind of logistic relation are these 4 after all? Make a person break down simply! Before wanting distrustful plum even, famous vice-president is teaching Chinese student also teaching American student at the same time (of course, premise is this page content in leading preexistence English version by American, found. Nevertheless oneself dare not decide, after all Gu Ge also comparatives at present ox, protecting list e.g. well-known AdSense domain name is not take the lead in rolling out by Gu Ge. ) .

Perhaps, the explanation of loath justifiable can be only, although 3, 4 all be the subclass of 1, but Google will still 3, 4 with 1 paratactic, meaning the specific attitude that emphasizing pair of exchange links, link paying fee: From the ambiguous change before clear opposition?