Wang Yongjin: Why does Ji Zhiru of secret of company save money make keyword contest price

On Internet, as netizen mouse casual gently a bit, your money also is in casual a moneybag that entered search engine company. But be opposite for you, these capital bring any economic benefits without the company that gives you, that is to say the benefit of this share cash is changed rate for 0. As the policymaker of an enterprise, think money uses this used place each minutes of course, and to capital such elapse for nothing, perhaps you also can feel have no other way.

Why can you appear so such circumstance? The reason is very simple: Keyword contest price is ranked. Rank of keyword contest price can say is a kind of network advertisement that burns money extremely puts a kind of form, network that invites enterprise cannot help doing sth on advertisement. Because did contest price rank to win big client,when you the again and again sees other company, gained good profit; And had turned round to see oneself again, oneself capital however of the again and again as the mouse click flowed into glacial ocean, the investment return rate that yields oneself turns into 0. Should appear such circumstance, regard an enterprise as the policymaker you, whether can you have why to meet such doubt?

According to China search medium research investigates discovery: Majority enterprise still chooses to search engine to do contest price to rank greatly each, the business area that because they think,contest price rank can give him goes benefit, can allow industry gain money.

Our anatomize:

When Internet expands at the summit of one’s power, because Internet advertising is cheap quality, then the enterprise of all trades and professions is squeezed into Internet market, want to catch this good luck to earn brushstroke greatly. Because a few enterprises see his competitor passes a variety of means to popularize a product to perhaps serve on Internet, also holding others in the arms to be able to make money through this kind of means thereby, why I cannot? state of mind, the investment that big also are in above network advertisement. Appear then the Chinese is very traditional with wind circumstance. Actually, always pay close attention to a competitor, it is the job that place of a company must want to do; And see the competitor does to whats do accordingly, often can form malign competition so, make oneself and adversary internecine.

Say to search pattern of engine contest price for us. Is mode of this kind of advertisement good? I can tell you for certain: First-rate, can take a client to you absolutely, it is the advertisement that can allow you to make money absolutely. But why one part enterprise did contest price to take a client to him, took business chance; And the money of another part enterprise clicks the moneybag that flowed into search engine company however as of the mouse, and did not bring economic benefits to oneself?

Actually, when choice contest price ranks a keyword, the law can be depended on. China search medium passes the investigation and study that clicks behavior, search behavior and mode of search engine search for a long time to the netizen to discover, the keyword with right choice is not difficult. So, china search medium will teach you how to use this method below:

Above all, put in a circumstance to undertake to the keyword collect is arranged according to what popularizing content of product, service, website and competitor, form array of a keyword. If this list is a product several 100 keywords may be for very much company, also may be a few, but need your collect to become one array.

Next, pass those who inquire other competitor to put in a circumstance, the your product characteristic keyword array that begins one by one to put in these arranging. After putting in, have monitoring government constantly, put in a circumstance according to searching circumstance and other competitor, optimize this ceaselessly to approve keyword array, delete ceaselessly add undertake optimizing, obtain list of a best keyword finally thereby.

Finally, after these best keywords come down certainly, begin to choose to all alone a few most intense keywords compete inside engine in search, make relevant keyword page alone in him website next, the crucial root of other occupies website content also one by one puts in go among the website, realize the keyword that there are oneself inside the station outside the station finally. Between the following time, have monitoring government to keyword contest price constantly according to actual condition, optimize constantly put in constantly. Final meeting forms a benign loop.

As chief you, press according to when you above when a few go doing, you can discover, contest price rank is very lovely east: It brings a lot of clients to you; The profit that allows your company breaks up time; Let you produce a lot of potential clients on the foundation of existing client; Let you feel to pay somewhat redound.

Author: Wang Yongjin

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