Wang Tong: Of website map make and refer a tutorial

In SEO job, after the website has been optimized, the work that should do next is website map make and referred, job of this one pace is a bit complex perhaps, but be mixed by Google to your website of Yahoo collect and be being updated have profit absolutely, how be operated?

Before making website map, our need is opposite to Google and Yahoo first the requirement of website map format understands:

Google: The requirement uses the website map of XML format
Yahoo: The requirement uses the website map of TXT format

One, of website map make:

1, map of website of the online diminutive that make:

If the webpage amount of your website is little at 500, so suggest you use tool of on-line website cartography: / Webmasters/tools/login? Hl=zh_CN

1, enter this network address, the Google account that uses you logins, add your network address next;

2, next the requirement test and verify according to Google your website, you can choose Html file test and verify.

3, at that time, according to the requirement of Google, make the Html file of the file name that a Google asks

4, the root list that the website map file of the Xml form that discusses this Html file and you with FTP sends your website together

5, affirm test and verify, return console, the map file that adds you with respect to OK. Very fast, google can update your website according to website map file

Refer website map to Yahoo:

English Yahoo refers network address:
/ Info/submit.html

The website map that tells you with FTP above all sends the root list of the website. After opening network address, choose Submit Your Site For Free: Login with Yahoo account, the URL that inputs your website map next is OK.

Of Chinese Yahoo refer network address:
/ Mysites

Of this operation and Google about the same, login, website of test and verify, refer URL of network address map.

Website cartography is good, refer search engine, it is OK only the capture with Google and fast Yahoo and the website that update you. The website that wants to let you raises a rank, still need to do a few otherer the job, this is continueing to communicate again later.