Wang Tong: How to learn SEO to make money quickly

Do SEO, rely on actual combat, not be to rely on to boast, so I summed up myself to be opposite two years ago of 100 many websites optimize experience, after writing a book. Writing the experience of SEO respect publicly rarely rarely, just be opposite ceaselessly this tutorial undertakes perfecting. Later, many netizens do not like self-study reading a book, then I begin to do SEO to groom below the netizen’s proposal. Nowadays, groom formally had done 3 period, groom flow also gradually systematization, groom according to this paragraph SEO experience, summarized the problem of novice of a lot of SEO, according to these problems, share a topic with SEO novice today: How to learn SEO to make money quickly

One, what should see SEO is a few easier:

In my article, in the tutorial, in grooming, I always engraft to student first this psychological idea: Everything is very simple, it is you do not know a method temporarily only! Knew a method when you, what again complex issue can go is very simple, because of any complex issue is set by a lot of simple questions.

Learning any knowledge is such: When you feel it is easy, when learning, your state of mind can keep exceedingly active, so it is very easy that study rises to feel. If you feel very it is difficult, your subconscious can defy, the efficiency that you learn serious figure.

This is the problem of a psychological aspect, inner idea learns efficiency to you the impact is particularly big. Before learning SEO so, want to tell oneself from inside the heart first, SEO is very simple!

2, should combine practice to learn SEO:

If do not pass practice, all theory are theoretic, the difference that because theory is mixed,carries out very special big. Cite a simple case. Bright assure tells student in my tutorial, the keyword cannot pile up in TITLE, put 1-2 core keyword is OK, but the of 60% student that I see is in practice, remain pile up in home page Title ten keywords. After then I can see his practice makes mistake only, tell student at once, after student has been corrected technically, ability profundity learns this principle.

Learn SEO so, must look for a website to drill to oneself first hand, practice can encounter various problems in hand process, taking a problem to learn is one of best study methods. Combining practice to learn SEO so is indispensable study means.

When mentioning this to nod, a lot of student say he do not have a website, then I let them do a website simply first, then again student says to won’t do a website, then I continue to tell them, do a website super and simple, arrange a person to coach they do a website first next. Had the website of experienced hand, study rate can rise further! Of course, sheet takes his website to drill the hand still is insufficient, return the website that must analyse others every day, the competitor’s website, the website that should treat a competitor has those inadequacy. Then, I designed a website technically to diagnose analytic pattern plate to SEO novice, ask these student analyse a website the least every week. Of practice more, the speed of study can be jumped over fast!

3, combining SEO profitable project to learn:

To a lot of student, combining practice to learn only, may feel a bit as dry as a chip, power is insufficient. Then, combining SEO profitable strategy to learn SEO super was necessary.

Because, to all people that learn SEO, not be for SEO and learn SEO, make money to use a network however and will learn SEO. So, the first chapter of my SEO tutorial is to be told first how to use SEO to make money, after student has looked, burn with righteous indignation, understood how to make money, made clear next direction, then study SEO technology has intense emotion more, have passionate study, efficiency nature will be very tall. Recently, I groom in my SEO in, blended in the SEO that offers student to make money directly project. Such word, in learning to carry out a process in study, can see oneself income directly, the likelihood just began very few, but as development, meeting step up, such motivation more sufficient. The rate that efficiency raises with respect to prep let alone.

One does not know profitable SEO, do not calculate a successful SEO. Learn SEO, be about to combine a profitable project to learn it directly, get effect instantly, efficiency nature is tall!

4, should interact more, much communication, much compare notes:

In learning SEO process, discover a problem, communicate in time, interact in time, such ability improve the efficiency of study and the efficiency that carry out further.

Study SEO is such, the thing that learns other sides is likewise such, manage a project carrying out also is such. But interactive, communication, compare notes cannot blind interactive, blind communicating, blind compare notes, must stay problem, look for practice experience to compare much ace to seek advice, such ability have results. Want to become what kind of person, be about to communicate with what kind of person more, manage together, want to become SEO past master, be about to communicate with SEO ace more.

Serious, assiduous, ask more, such ability are the fastest achieve best result