Wang Tong: How the SEO of formulate website is politic

From 2005 hind, I just do SEO basically to large website, because give large website to do SEO, the effect is exceedingly apparent, what price nature also can close is very tall. Summary comes two this years the SEO experience of a few when I had done large websites, I discover, SEO strategy is most important.

   What is SEO strategy?

The person with similar technique of a few SEO, when doing SEO to a website, sale effect really great difference, is that why?

   Because their SEO is politic different!

SEO technology actually exceedingly simple, because SEO is not the flaw that goes searching search engine, make the website into the outstanding website that searchs engine level to accord with however according to searching engine level.

And those basic standards that search engine, should spend time study technically to cross SEO only, and had carried out the friend of period of time know. But, face same a website, how to undertake SEO to this website? How to achieve the result of SEO optimal?

   Be if come,operated? Not be simple absolutely carry out.

For instance, a client finds a SEO to serve an orgnaization, always like such saying, I give you a keyword, before you discharge him a few.

This moment, major SEO personnel may be met conscientiously is carried out according to the client’s requirement, want tiredly dead, best rank is obtained first-rate, but did not make a client glad. Why? Because this client discovers, the platoon went up, did not bring too much client to him.

If I confront such client, do I ask the client’s purpose? Your purpose is for simple rank, still make money to use a network to bring a sale to let his?

   The client can reply for certain, it is to make money of course.

At that time I can tell a client, if be to make money, do not want blind to go after the rank of this your current keyword. Because of this keyword that you choose, giving you to bring a client is finite, won’t bring a client possibly even to you. Want implementation to pass SEO, the sale effect oneself most boast, be about of such systematization will formulate SEO strategy.

   That a few shares does SEO strategy include?

  One, the strategy that the keyword chooses:

1, portal kind website keyword chooses strategy:

The keyword that every page itself includes the website: The website has the webpage of about a hundred 10 thousand very consummate ten million, every webpage includes the keyword that has correspondence, reasonable SEO, highlight the keyword of huge amount.

Disentomb Internet is at present genteel the keyword of travel: Look what word is the most popular recently on Internet, these also are target keywords. Because of a lot of super and popular keywords, each word can bring the discharge of tens of thousands of one day.

2, business affairs kind website keyword chooses strategy:

Do not want a few simple when seek website fixed position popular keywords, core should put the following on two kinds of words:
Product word
The product sets a term relevantly

For instance hotel airline ticket books an industry, if discharge airline ticket to book only, the hotel is booked, belt do not come how many discharge, what should consider is the following this kind of word.

Urban name + hotel (for example: Beijing hotel is booked)
Urban name + airline ticket (for example: Beijing airline ticket is booked)
Urban name + urban name + airline ticket (for example: Beijing is booked to Guangzhou airline ticket)
Hotel name is booked

3, enterprise website keyword chooses strategy

Do not want blind to regard the name of own company as keyword, these are used without how many person, and need not undertake SEO, also can discharge in front. The enterprise wants him foundation the jubilation of potential client, go choosing to suit oneself keyword most. This can the tool related have the aid of will dig.

   2, website structure optimizes strategy:

The keyword has chosen, can discover at that time, your website structural frame and current webpage cannot allow according to the mark of SEO these keywords very reasonable undertake distributing and be expressionaled. At that time you may be about to adopt structure of a few websites to optimize strategy.

For instance portal kind if the website wants to get the rank of popular keyword, make special subject page afresh for these popular keywords namely. The website that for instance hotel airline ticket books, basically inquire type, combine the page of the word without expression almost. Also want what occupy a phenomenon to make structure of a website according to this to optimize strategy so.

Another structures are optimized in, still meet those who design a website exceed the fundamental SEO strategy that links the field such as the structure. So a website wants to had been optimized, if fundamental website structure optimizes strategy to add innovation,need model the structure is politic.

If be to achieve formative to add a column, affirmation cannot let search engine to consider as what be SEO purely to do, should OK undertake combinative with other sale strategy. For instance allied strategy, human nature is changed optimize strategy to wait.

For instance, if we served for IT world 2005, this strategy mixes their content alliance one kind namely the structure that SEO integrates optimizes strategy. This kind achieves formative SEO strategy, pass cooperative website cooperate to popularize, brought enormous flow for them. Because you may search some news or a certain keyword, the platoon is advanced of a few pages is it and its collaboration website.

Want to had done this, must the angle that can stand to website operation will consider SEO.

   3, the execution of SEO is politic:

The execution of SEO is politic, the actual condition that also needs the technical group according to the website and sale group comes formulate, the angle that stands to project management with respect to need at that time will plan. Make next give a sound plan, be carried out for a long time next go down.

Do SEO, cannot be for only rank and SEO, the angle that should stand in sale of operation of website plan, website, network goes doing SEO.