Wang Tong: Content element is analysed to the influence of SEO

When I contact network sale at first, my friend A Ji has said a very classical word: Network sale, content is king! This one word is affecting me all the time, will analyse an influence to search engine to rank with everybody today (SEO) content element:

One of principles: Content is richer, more advantageous to SEO!

Why to have a such principles? We are about to learn to analyse the algorithm that searchs engine, how be analysed? Want to change respect analysis from human nature, because search index props up all algorithm to be in those who imitate a person to ponder over means to analyse: What kind of webpage is more professional?

Reason one: Content is richer, search engine can think you jump over major!

Lift an example to be able to show this issue, for example you and I think this word platoon is in an electronic business affairs before search engine. And be used is a website that independent domain name does in the light of this keyword. Your website has a webpage only, and my website has 10 columns 10 thousand webpages. So, is the website that is you professional? Is the website that still is me professional? It is the major with rich content for certain!

Reason 2: Content is richer, enclothed keyword is more, flow is higher!

Go a few years, I did SEO to website of very much large door, before doing, these websites all alone through search engine nature ranks brought discharge to have tens of thousands of IP only everyday, but SEO after a year, they all alone through search engine nature ranked brought discharge to exceed 500 thousand IP everyday. Why can they get so large flow through SEO? The basiccest premise is: Having very rich content!

Of course, have a success, also have unsuccessful case. I once did SEO to website of family status of a small industry, I think, websites of such family status of a small industry, look content so much, update 300 content the least everyday, who knows they update 3 two only everyday. The result is, I resemble them 8 times the most popular inside this industry such popular keyword discharged psychology the first page of Google, they increased hundreds of flow only actually. I let them increase strength to abound content, but they do not have method to carry out. Even content did not increase, decreasing instead. If this website content used 3 months to promote 100 thousand webpages from 10 thousand webpages, cooperate to fall in what SEO works, discharge increases 10 times not difficult. If do not add content, what SEO does is again good, discharge has a flight impossibly.

Of the principle: Achieve content formerly more, more advantageous to SEO!

In last few years, CN domain name a yuan, caused the trouble of rubbish website, to a lot of individual stationmaster or the group, the website is not done, production comes out, because make website proposal simple. Pass system of a CMS, install next collect, one day can have done the website of content of a hundred thousands of webpage. Because of rubbish website flush, so all alone engine takes search seriously to achieve content formerly more and more.

Is former achieve?

1, the time that is collected is an element

2, the link that includes in the article is an element

Because,link especially, because the algorithm of PR value is the earliest,be to use traditional paper major to judge means: In traditional sphere of learning, what a paper is cited is more, with respect to the specification this article jumps over major!

Where is webpage? The truth is same, if location adds a yourself hairnet in your article,enter, turn everywhere next pick, searching engine to be able to judge a likelihood is you is former achieve. In the meantime, this also is a kind to add the skill in retrorse link method.

A website cannot be to be achieved formerly entirely, but can one is achieve less formerly partly can be being compared is collection website has an advantage on the rank entirely. If you won’t be written,achieve formerly irrespective also, the world article is copied greatly, you can very reasonable weave present a few articles, also can achieve this result.

How the demand according to SEO, make great efforts on content?

1, the content of rich website

Say simple, it is difficult to be done, especially to information of a lot of blame kind website of electronic business affairs, for example hotel airline ticket books tired website. At present this kind of website is inquiry, but webpage of inquiry knot fruit is collected very hard. If use sound SEO strategy, pass different combination. For example: Urban name arrives urban name + dozen lose airline ticket, this kind sets a term, can produce webpage of hundred thousands of keyword, and be having the webpage of professional content.

Of course, the website of different type, the SEO strategy of rich content is different, nevertheless this strategy is not simple SEO technology, however will: SEO, human nature is changed, originality this 3 person union arrives one case, ability is produced very rich, very human nature is changed, it seems that the very natural content of SEO.

2, of content reasonable weave

In this respect, what sina net does is the most marvellous, the major content inside sina is others, but they around different subject, the index that has a correspondence weaves. Such, the theme of every keyword can look content is abounded exceedingly and professional. Obtain good rank very easily so.

Rich guest’s at present medium Tag, also be a kind of good way, because every Tag is a keyword, and can index reasonably the article related to its. If Tag webpage can if what the reasonable angle according to SEO will design is more professional, use Tag also is a kind of good way.

Crucial: Around the keyword, be like it seems that again at the same time is for the user convenient will do.

3, achieve content to add strategy formerly

1, oneself add content

Give self-ordained plan, for example every week one, or everyday one achieves content formerly, as time accumulate, it is better and better that website rank is met. This is an accumulated process.

2, let a netizen abound content

Community kind website, can offer a column for every netizen, perhaps do those who have a theme to call for paper regularly activity, can let broad netizen be abounded for the website many achieve content formerly.

See here, analyse your website, see you those jobs need to strengthen and perfect:

1, is the content of your website rich?

2, of your website can better weave?

3, of your website achieve content to increase in calculated formerly?