W3C and DIV+CSS have how old help after all to SEO

Core clew: The website that DIV+CSS designs, this is mixed the domain name is same, do not have how much congenital advantage, like searching engine and user, what value finally is the content of a website.

Standard of W3C webpage design is a kind of technology also be a kind of thought.

Now basically the client of a lot of high end can ask to design a website according to W3C standard. Mix this year last year in these two years of time, home’s very much portal website has undertaken code reframe to website whole according to W3C standard.

Will design a website with W3C standard, have a profit: Increase user experience, accelerate a webpage to download speed. According to the website that W3C standard designs, the user rate that browse is rapidder, because the code of the website is more concise.

The friend that has one share says, do good DIV+CSS, the website is optimized be equal to had done the work of 80% . But we not approve of this viewpoint.

Traditional form and DIV+CSS are affected to what the website ranks, latter does not have what advantage but character. Because use the website that Div+CSS will come to design actually, because this gets,also did not search engine take care of particularly. Cannot understand DIV+CSS simply into SEO absolutely.