Visit log seeks the slot of Baidu spider

Like a lot of raw recruits that begin to learn SEO, SEO ground love is crooked also had had to this problem puzzle, think Baidu, Google the spider that wait is the view that crawls this also is ace of a lot of SEO or Great Masters in the evening. Caused most SEO so people understanding.

But be in a few days ago, SEO ground love is crooked the result that also wants to explore this issue truly. And the visit daily record that the method analyses WEB server namely. I download the log of the website today, guide everybody to search the trace of Baidu SPIDER together. The UNIX server of the 10 thousand networks that I use, presumable friend differs with mine, nevertheless very much the same.

1, our FTP arrives website catalog

2, open Wwwlogs catalog, if root catalog falls trashy this catalog, enquire the technology that serves trader supports please, anyway this one pace finds log document deposit method

3, examine log document, will tell commonly, visit log can have memory according to date, SEO ground love is for instance crooked is Access.log.2.gz

4, we procrastinate put this document to this locality

5, solution pressing, use next write board open, open with notebook commonly can show very in disorder

6, inquire Baiduspider

7, the creeping mark that examines Baidu spider in the result, if plan institute shows:

8/ the trace that we continue to search Baidu spider, baidu spider is below in the evening at 3 o’clock – – [23/Jun/2008: 03: 06: 59 +0800] GET / HTTP/1.1 200 6248 – Baiduspider+ (+

9, the key that next graphs are our article, – – [23/Jun/2008: 10: 39: 52 +0800] GET / HTTP/1.1 200 6248 – Baiduspider+ (+

We can understand very much see Baidu spider still was crawling at 10 o’clock in the morning my site.

10, we continue to search, can see at 11 o’clock at 12 o’clock at 13 o’clock, the creeping trace 14 o’clock.

Anyhow, baidu spider crawl is not certain only in the evening, the likelihood is very much also by day, the view of a member of the stone that change a spot is:

General early comes to the spider if your website is very delicate,have breakfast, mix midday metropolis farewell comes afternoon. Textual: