Very the 5 results experience that the dish bird of dish increases website flow

I am bird of a dish, very of dish the sort of, a program downloaded on the net, put to the net next, putting very few valve in that way it.

I experienced a website to be hanged during horse, fictitious lead plane does not stabilize Idc service business, the website is very long cannot open, website rate is slow, flow is so little that flow have pity on. Even if such websites that I also did not abandon me, I still add expends a domain name, fictitious lead plane was changed change again, should have spent every year hundreds of. An undergraduate is not easy, living cost is little, but went to what add expends that day, I must be gotten take out 300 much, such I what that month passes is very miserable.

I also had wanted to make money with the website, make the money that I spend domain name lead plane at least. So how to make money? Or offers a product or the technology serves, I had said I am dish bird, accordingly this method won’ts do. So remain know with respect to me, besides put advertisement to do not have other methods. I saw a lot of websites placed the ad of the mom in A, I also was learning to put a few ad.

But my website flow is little pitiful, everyday with respect to 40 much Ip, advertisement income everyday also with respect to money of a few horn. How do I hope every visit the Ip of my website, click the advertisement that issues me. I know that is impossible.

Fumbled after a few months, I reached a few results that provide website flow. Learn others mostly, share with everybody here.

1, you must understand, do a website to need to spend time

You perhaps must update website content everyday regularly, only website content is achieved a lot of later, search engine ability collects your part content.

2, content quality

You must be gotten after content became much seek fine, content should have quality, quality includes the popular keyword that you choose, achieve content formerly.

3, the society uses Baidu

Build with the Baidu rich guest related your website, vocabulary entry, 100 divisions, to stick send some of advertisement card that has quality, answer the question that Baidu knows, take online station to link.

4, become friendship link more

Especially the friendship link of commonweal website. Oneself individual character sign on post belt is sent in forum.

5, keyword

If you know a lot of netizens, his site flow is very high, make see oneself website count to you, the flow that sees him is to come from which keyword. Cite the article of the keyword with much discharge to you next inside the website, take me for, I again many dozens of Ip that friend website statistic sees him comes from search to come treasure, accordingly I also was published with the article related it, baidu was collected very quickly, and again Baidu searchs this keyword, my website platoon is in the 2nd.

You should search something possibly everyday, you can use your convention, go hitting on a few keywords to undertake searching, so reach the first link article of the result, go inside the website that puts you. For instance I need link of a certain long-range video to register a code once, I search the result that got wanting in Baidu, I put my website, because of this keyword, I again the rank of Baidu is very good, brought a lot of discharge.

Said above some simple, it is my result, main is how affirmatory keyword, see others website count, his mostly discharge comes from what keyword, I also choose this keyword, oneself used Baidu what to search, gotten best result, also put in oneself website.

I am not a hacker, because this won’t use virus to bring discharge, I can use manpower to send post, make ad, draw lessons from a keyword, discover a keyword. Hope my experience is helpful to everybody. Ace laugh at, dish bird learns, my website Ip has arrived from 40 litres now 100 much, anyhow comes slowly, the money that spends the website earns come back. (