Very not honest and kind probably useful idea packs website keyword

There is a friend on the station when selling a station, somebody lets him make public tally, the discharge of his station is the flow that uses skill of a few discharge to be done. We created a keyword, and it is a network go up exclusive. On the network exclusive, the specification is be interested without the person on the network, search without the person. If we think have the aid of,these keywords realize high flow, must want the person with many flicker to search these keywords so, ability realizes our high flow quite.

We have give an example first. There is a friend on the station when selling a station, somebody lets him make public tally, the discharge of his station is the flow that uses skill of a few discharge to be done. But his station was collected, and when searching his station name, also rank really the first, purchaser looks, I lean, really fierce, it is search engine discharge, this discharge that is certain very stable.

Why here can be searched? Because mentioned the curiosity of others.

That is to say, allow the word of the goes searching us keyword with active other people, must want to mention the curiosity of others.

1, why we should add the keyword in the article, send large forum next

Because there is enormous flow in large forum, we want to use these flow, so we just decide to use these flow.

2, why should others search our be mingled with the keyword in the article?

Because we describe this person name in the article keyword when, of the description have allure, let others want to be searched namely, because too curious.

3, why to add network address directly or website name

Because if was added, so the administrator was deleted to you, if be not added, administrator not only do not delete to you, and possible somebody is in this ceaseless article that reprints you to had been adapted.

How can you just let others be interested in the person name in the article so?

I have give an example.

1, Ma Yun and know the collaboration that understand, what have to say the old structure that is network industry is fluctuant, as two people of the most influential force on the network, this together, make much home tripartite confrontation becomes the form of exclusive forestall thoroughly likely.

Circulate on the network now found a state willow with the Song Dynasty the ** incident of * flower, let this network tycoon must make a statement publicly.

If you see two paragraphs of words above, you can search person name? The answer is very possible it is of the meeting

A day of flow that takes to you is tens of thousands of it is even hundred thousands of, what is more,the rather that this is a keyword just must want one kind this to satisfy a requirement namely merely, have implication with celebrity namely. This is an OK and independent condition, can stand side by side with a few conditions from the back again use.

2, the belle that circulated on the net recently is entered lavatory the belle hero of incident, understand understand make a statement, she says, after oneself come back from the United States, busy all the time He Chenglong discharges play, did not have been to Beijing at all, may be filmed in Beijing how the process of own defecate

On the net circulated recently once,know the news that knows to be wrapped to raise by a secret man get about, rapid spread to was recently on the press conference, reporter query understands know oneself to be wrapped to raise really, the belle understands, evasive this topic. This is the 2nd condition, should have namely red is heard and volatile.

3, Chinese IT industry is the richest seniority club.

The first, found a state, year 10 billion beautiful circle controls income, this is China since founding a state oneself, the youngest head rich.

China’s most beautiful belle, if say China’s most beautiful belle, we have to say Long Li Ping, the belle of old and well-known family of music of this one’s previous experience, 16 years old won the model title with the most valuable whole world.

China most potential female star, because be sought with Zhang Yi,once slept become famous understand, be in this China the famousest. . In choosing, become famous overnight.

This is the 3rd means that pack, namely most the word is changed pack.

4, if be on the net income Long Li Ping, it is the video that with her UC video chatting room bare dance with sth in one’s hands concerns and * take episode almost, this girl that still is attending a college, to reporter divulge she these a few years of people, the life of ghost, oneself * is illuminated and video, was gone to by person hair actually on the net.

This is the 4th condition, that should remind others namely, when be searched on the net. This is to pack be mingled with of a keyword the 4 big conditions in news. Can use alone, can use jointly, can take be mixed, can be taken and collect. Be not achieve formerly, feel pretty good nevertheless, how is the keyword packed when everybody will share ~ to create a keyword