Very arrogant SEO case: False station builds a link

Had carried in the card that how attracts exterior link about new site before, commercial website often attracts a link not easily, can consider to be not website make it first of commerciality information sex, be simple message sex partly perhaps is join in the website, attract others link to come over. Before two days see a case that creates exterior link, the feeling has raised this kind of train of thought to wonderful level, special admire making a person. Say the train of thought of that case simply.

To the website of a few pure business or certain and specific industry, it is very difficult to attract a link. The news that makes attract a link easily first kind the website is a commonly used gimmick actually, this case is such. New website is simple message sex, and the health that does as far as possible is interesting. Wait after attracting enough link, perhaps want the website of promotion truly to oneself repeatedly from this website, perhaps make the domain name directly 301 change direction.

Nevertheless this bovine person that calls Peter Van Der Graaf has idea more. The keyword that Peter should popularize is Bukkake. Hear of this word for the first time, checked, this word results from pornographic big country Japan, the meaning is much person probably XXX. How can you imagine this kind of website attracts a link? Especially the link of high quality. Resemble this kind of industry, it is to want normally large-scale one of trades that buy a website. But if originality is enough, also not be to do not have method.

Peter built a website for this keyword. He wants this word Bukkake of promotion, the majority also is not known for the person estimation of mother tongue with English. He got inspire from here, built the website that false some university teachs, and the name of this professor calls John Bukkake. Otherwise knows the meaning of this word, still do not look to go out really have what problem.

The webpage comes down from copy of upper mould of other university website, a picture that looks like very earnest Indian still is put on the website. Whole website resembles the individual website that is professor of a college it seems that. To attract a link, niu Ren still raised Bukkake fund on this website, the content such as jest. Bukkake fund webpage and other fund kind the webpage can exchange a link. This is not commerciality, also not pornography, look the website of 8 classics, log onto official website list more easily of course. Peter returns n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine even false research achievement, these papers consider to also attract the link of other and earnest website achievement. And these links often link anchorage character is Bukkake.

Another wise move is, after getting these links, not be simple make whole station 301 change direction. Because so do, the website that very much former link comes over saw a webpage change appearance, meet a link cancel. What Peter differentiates a visit through the program is search engine spider or person. If be search engine spider, just do the 301 websites that turn to oneself to want to popularize. The person that if be common,browse, return the webpage that so that university teachs.

This case is one of the secret building chain that 12 links expert reveals, those who be interested is OK watch secret of other and exterior link. Introduce this case, not be to encourage everybody absolutely so do. Look in me, this had surmounted grey cap to arrive the bottom line of black hat. As this case circulate, believe to search engine to also can think method is put an end to. But this train of thought is brillant really. When your website honest it doesn’t matter is worth to attract a link, perhaps press a root to be not taken on when mesa will attract a link, can ask oneself, so after all may people link the website of which kind of relevant topics? Can you stand by oneself website toward that direction?