Value of Xiaotan website PR and page PR are worth

Oneself have favour to pursue SEO job in company of a foreign capital, follow elder study SEO everyday. Hope the result that will study and everybody are shared so, if have clumsy,humble place still asks everybody to include.

Today basically is the problem of value talking about PR, what everybody talks this problem is too much and too much, how to get PR, how to calculate I said these problems such as PR value no longer. Advocate the distinction that if talk about website PR,value and page PR are worth.

Website PR is worth, namely the Pr cost that perhaps says, with the tool or Google toolbar can know this website has value of how many PR. Often introduce website name and link of other website exchange when exchanging a link with other website. Rise with assuring to obtain what Pr is worth.

The PR value that everybody should know home page and 2 class column or the PR value of content page is different. Set out from the angle of the user, they all alone through search engine is clicked directly commonly enter content page and rather than to enter home page area directly. What the PR of page of this moment content is worth the rank to searching engine to comparative is important. Make an example:

PR=1 of page of content of PR=5 of A website home page

PR=2 of page of content of PR=3 of B website home page

So same an article is similar perhaps article, below the case with key word density and other and relevant similar element. B website can be discharged before in A website, although the PR cost of A website is higher than B station.

A problem that so I should point out is, when if you are in,doing exchange to link with other website, can use the key word link of the website and other website trade, and rather than must use website name and other website trade. The exterior key word of tall PR links the website name link that compares tall PR to want to have an advantage more.

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