User search behavior and keyword are analysed (one)

Afterwards is released in dot stone last after collecting series essay about site and page, the searchs behavior and keyword analysis about the user a few articles that I decide to will been written before this also are released come out. It is series article below the first, why should main and simple introduction study the user searchs behavior, and the trend of 3 big change that at present accepted user searchs behavior.

The content that the search behavior of the user analyses to the keyword

In Seo, the search behavior analysis of the user is very serious. Because have the search action that understands an user more clearly only, ability escape competes intensely, choice and target search user most the search keyword that match, the way that likes final search most with the user as a result appears come out.

If the search behavior of incorrect user has thorough analysis, cannot choose the most valuable keyword correctly, cannot dog correctly, promote a site the show on search engine. Somebody puts forward even, search behavior analysis through the user, and executive Seo is politic, be equal to the rank that promotes a site metamorphicly. In order to accord with the result that search behavior means presents, after although rank,leaning, but attract possibly click than leaning relatively before still prevail.

The user searchs behavior trend of 3 big change

1.Search engine got user faithfulness spend

The user of 82% is when first time search is not successful, do not change search engine, search afresh with more keywords however. The otherness that searchs engine technology field has been inferior to brand otherness it seems that so apparent.

2. user all the more uses inquiry length end

With keyword more, longer inquiry (to sale person for, want not only directional to simple keyword, the term that still has more keyword) ; To Seo, this is a good news. Compare the core keyword with those intense competition, the rank of long end keyword should be gotten easily much.

3. user chooses different search engine to fulfil different search requirement

Although searched engine to get user faithfulness spend, but more people or the search engine that be used to differs idiomatically fulfil different search requirement. This also mirrorred the different brand that searchs engine to have different meaning. For instance Baidu more recreation is changed, and Google has commercial value more relatively. People reviews idiomatic Baidu searchs MP3, search international paper with Google. As the birth of the perpendicular search of different domain, this one trend is more clear.

Besides afore-mentioned three outside, the news that still a few is worth to mention is:

4.Of the user of 90% click a few kinds of before searching a result 3 pages. If advanced the search result that 3 pages cannot find a need, the user of near 90% can amend search keyword to perhaps change another search to engine.

5. search indexes the user accredit that prop up promotes somewhat, the search that uses more keyword also somewhat grow in quantity.

6. searchs the company of result front row naturally those now, be thought to have power of more brand public letter, the specification searchs engine to also conduce to implementation brand target.

Unfinished, to be continued, ask attention. A few specific data of above article originate network.

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