User search behavior and keyword are analysed (5)

Civil after 4 ends, somebody left a message to write to me: Each is met so a few action, that action won’ts do enrolled, SE also immunity. Read these scripts, I feel a bit indescribable really. Look, this friend gets decorous manner: SEO is not to consider every day how to dally with search engine, also not be the knowledge of a congenial exploit an advantage. What should talk below me for instance also is attitude issue: Do not have right to speak without investigation.

Often read the friends of bit of Shi Wenzhang to should know, keyword analysis and user behavior say for go appearing very simple, do not grow end keyword namely, expand around core keyword, look for tool of a few keywords to be analysed again, choose those competition small, search amount is large, the term with high dependency?

Yes, those who say is right. Exceedingly simple. So below come a little test, my friend, very lovely with a honest person, he became a site related to Mo Tai hotel, but have a core keyword he did not decide: It is Mo Tai after all good, be still Mo Tai 168 good? (if be in those who read this article, it is to be engaged in booking a room fitly kind the friend of the site also can choose, after all that keyword is good. If see be what meaning do not know Mo Tai, had jumped directly. )

And after this friend quizs, tell me that to the client agrees to order input Mo Tai then again ah input Mo Tai rarely 168. So he thinks this keyword should have Mo Tai more specific aim, the user of the search is more.

If usually, he says so, I also won’t have what problem, also can think Mo Tai is a the rightest choice. But different is, because often be away on official business, below the circumstance with finite Money, I often live economy chain hotel, and Mo Tai has lived.

I am very so affirmative the friend that the ground tells this to seek advice: Mo Tai 168 certain Bimotai is better. Reason is very simple, because I am in,Mo Tai has lived. And when I am searched every time search Mo Tai 168. Because entered Mo Tai every time a TV, it is Mo Tai 168, welcome the sound that you come home. When sending place of information introduction accommodation with the friend usually, when perhaps chatting, what we mention is Mo Tai 168 is not Mo Tai. Although it is briefer.

The fact proves, mo Tai 168 although look longer end, but its search quantity compares Mo Tai really bigger. Although be aimed at Mo Tai hotel likewise, but its competitive degree is small however much. Relevant page number of Mo Tai is Mo Tai of 168 severalfold! And from another angle for, if choose Mo Tai 168 will emphasize as core keyword, search search Mo Tai is found possibly also, and if consider Mo Tai only, so Mo Tai 168 be to cannot be found basically.

Search amount is larger, more relevant, and competitive degree is smaller, range of give attention to two or morethings is wider, optimal keyword nothing is more… than this. The inspiration that this case gives me is, keyword stand or fall cannot Chan Ping often manages commonly go inference, and must investigate an inquiry carefully. If you do not know your product uses what keyword, you must ask your client, how are they searched. is not ourselves optional final conclusion. The comrade that is engaged in a hotel booking a site like cannot judge Mo Tai and Mo Tai 168, are you so self-confident still?

No less problem in wisdom brigade dynamic 5A comments on the descriptive language that I mention a page in first phase to search a habit to agree with the user:

What use on our site for instance is sketch map and ticket Wu. And tourist searchs maximum term is map and entrance ticket
All a lot of places (should) change sketch map into the map, ticket Wu changes entrance ticket. Such ability call the search that accords with search user the habit. Search otherwise how can be river lasher map found?

No less for instance organic glass is mixed Yakeli, after all is that word good? Also get investigation. The person of the mainland likes to use organic glass, and Hong Kong person more using Yakeli, if do not have thorough investigation, do not take care, we have force our thinking to others forcibly.

Similar case still has a lot of, for instance Japanese animation, often be the a fewth word is not the a fewth collect, for instance in be taken an examination of, so check branch, mark, achievement 3 keywords after all that best? Adornment and decorate, that is good, move or remove? Be that? And how do you still know to move to you can be divided again? Move a plant, hoisting, weigh since, air conditioning is torn open outfit. . .

If you are in,become afore-mentioned site so, when you cannot decide your site is those keywords, best method asks those him examinee namely, go thinking how the popular meeting that those need to look for remover is searched. Altogether, must not make conclusions at random. Want, this method that I say is very simple also. But why so much stationmaster still is known how to locate? Look, alleged keyword is analysed, the problem that also is a kind of manner the problem that is not art.

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