User search behavior and keyword are analysed (4)

Series article 3 said, everybody is wonderful foresight division. But somebody begins to plaint, those way are opposite it seems that drug-store Woerma is for instance more applicable: When fire what, advocate what to push. And reality always lets a person be inferior to meaning, great a long time awaits us open brand shop, for instance someone opened Firefox brand shop, someone opened Picasa and brand shop of picture of Liu Yifei’s belle.

So, I am here, need introduces strategy of another kind of keyword: Changeless and should 10 thousand change. Because the readability of the story is strong, still speak of from inside two stories so.

It is our very familiar Highdiy classmate above all, when Windows Vista of the beginning of the year is rolled out, he earned a discharge ceremoniously. And before this, he shifted to an earlier date at least half an year, in sina, netease people still be in busy world cup when, established oneself Windows Vista zone. And hold to an interpreter all the time or achieve formerly, contributed article of many 100 high quality, that is quite hardship.

The 2nd story may belong to a hearsay, some network sale expert, a word said when summing up network profitable experience: 5 days write an article cannot earn money, one day writes 5 articles ability to make money. Make money 7 of this expert years the target is every month 4000 beautiful knives. Should enough he and his work in the same placing the expense of a month.

Begin an analysis now:

1. Why can Highdiy choose Windows Vista a such keywords? A bit people small think, with respect to the characteristic that can know this keyword: More popular and quite long period of time has sufficient search amount. Although arrived today a few use skill about Windows 2000, remain popular search. Want, how long can Windows Vista still last? Release from Vista product now went again large half an year, windows Vista still is contributing discharge for Highdiy.

2.Why do one day write 5 articles to money earns? Very apparent, resemble the article that I write 5 days so, won’t be what masses reader absolutely, and content is too easy outdated. If just be written,what writing is network sale, what is Seo, what is rich guest, one day can be written on tens of piece, the reader that is dish bird class absolutely and the test of withstand time.

Summary ground generalizes their two the individual’s practices, it is the text that the article should write, changeless and should 10 thousand change. They did not go what is popular go up what content, did not go making a mind half celestial being guesses Baidu, Google every day people idea, also heat up synchronism of a list of names posted up without spare time and Baidu wind and cloud, Google. A few days ago tired keyword of dragon boat festival very fire, but a year so 23 days, although doughty be like panda burn joss sticks, arrived today also content is person blame, limelight belongs to AV terminator.

Pursuit tide, dog the person of a list of names posted up of wind and cloud is in forever keep changing. Everyday sudden heat, changing is forever fixed argument. So we need otherwise to change occasionally should 10 thousand change. Choose a few classical, can offer the keyword that searchs discharge for a long time, more the best thing to do. Although cannot resemble Windows Vista popular in that way, so classical like the symptom of AIDS keyword also have not cannot. I believe, although pass 10 years again, still be the symptom that somebody searchs AIDS. Although everyday it brings an Ip to you only, how much can you bring 10 years?

If your look down upon gives you to bring the keyword of an Ip only everyday, so you are forced to discover those are long-term and popular but the keyword with general competition. For instance current Photoshop8.0, photoshop9.0, to now from 2004 for instance the E word that is popular search all the time is connected.

Of course, usually, these long-term and popular keywords are competition is intense. So you need to go to those who carry out you optimizing strategy patiently. It is the greatest virtue patiently, be?

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