User search behavior and keyword are analysed (2)

All Seo are the most important is keyword analysis + the site is friendly to the search. Going up an article is medium, stone introduced why to want to undertake the user searchs behavior analysis, and the trend of a few change that searchs user behavior. Today, my general continues last if problem, talk about keyword of specific a few users to search behavior with everybody.

One, various keyword combination

Different person has different search habit. Combination is endless. What we are used to search means is not certain someone else also is used to. For instance:
1.Add quote or increase title number. Typical keyword if " powerful dance with sth in one’s hands is round " , after increasing title number, search flow is enormous still, but competitive rate falls substantially.
2.Keyword combination comes over orderly. Translate Shenzhen for instance. Experience this keyword brought many clients 4 years personally.
3.Chinese Phonetic Alphabet. For instance Jiatingzhuangshi. In a tiring-room statistic that decorates a website, I always see such search keyword.

2, the user also can err

The immortal also can err, more what is more,the rather that the user is not an immortal. Because be the cause of use phoneticize input method, when I often also am searched, the keyword makes mistake. But after if make mistake,be being searched, can find a few valuable information all the same, I can continue to browse all the same. The input is wrong and common a few kinds likelihood:

1.Misprint. Search Gu Ge for instance, became Gu Ge however, still never mention it, input method of cereal elder brother also took flow for my site.
2.Input method mistake. For instance 7 a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct are passed became strange a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct to pass, who calls search the dog input method and can is the input method too clever?
2.Chinese wrongly written or mispronounced characters for instance AIDS, reckon a lot of people are done not clear, it is AIDS after all, still be AIDS. Advantage is those bigger sites, use correct AIDS, make of AIDS optimize difficulty to reduce. And to a lot of common searcher, the person that AIDS and love grow are used match each other in strength. The AIDS keyword that optimizes a mistake so is a right choice.
3.Memory has by accident for instance Waga. English is called Vagaa, interpret becomes Chinese is wow. As a result a lot of people think his English should be Waga. Waga search amount is so amazing, unexpected.

3, specific aim of longer end keyword is taller

We must admit above all: In all search behavior of the user, the keyword of 20 % produced the visit amount of 80 % . But we also must admit another fact at the same time: Of the keyword that visit of additionally 20 % measures change rate is higher!

Besides change rate is high outside, still have a characteristic, the competitive rate that grows end keyword namely is low. Can say none exaggeratively so even, 20% of the long end keyword of 80% amounts.

Be like airline ticket site typically, search airline ticket or special offer airline ticket, urban name + airline ticket, these a few kinds of keywords, competitive rate is average bigger. But a few tools that pass Baidu, we discover, have unexpectedly quite big one part person, it is the airline ticket that goes to Beijing through searching Xiamen, xiamen to Beijing airline ticket such word is searched.

It is additionally in site of a few foreign trade, the analysis of the keyword to growing end and emphasize particularly on to be weighed particularly should. For instance manufacturer of a battery, go contending for Battery directly so super and popular term is almost impossible, but if specific to some kind product, specific even type (for instance Sony Digital Camera Battery) , win competition very easily, and have specific aim very much, change rate outclass top class keyword.