User feeling: This is the thing that I need

Carve the neutralization of form end: Product application platform and the understanding that prop up culture concept to search index

To any product, the mode of the product is the most important, the technology is method, tool, way only. The technology that the user won’t care you is how come true, the technical level that won’t care you more is what kind of.

Want user feeling only: This is the thing that I need, very good with, and had better use. So your product with respect to OK.

The thing that the pattern that considers a product needs to consider is very much

Be like: What does the user need? Does demand have how old? Can you realize the demand of the user thoroughly? What resource to need? How to accomplish? Competitive analysis? Differ dissimilation? What rate can the circumstance achieve according to oneself? How to hold lead dominant position? Whether get money? How to receive fund? How to popularize? How many time to need? How to assure in time inside window period complete plan effectively? How to divide a pace in installment the requirement that the first user that finish needs most? The demand that how builds effective feedback mechanism to make me OK understand an user changes and to the demand that how builds effective feedback mechanism to make me OK understand an user changes and dig him user also the demand of beyond expression? How to improve further? Need how old investment in installment? How to reduce integral cost and early days cost? How to throw in installment? Invest redound comparing? Periodic?

1.Dismiss the idea of the user truly

Any application are the most difficult is the requirement that understands an user, it is the demand that him user does not know even.

Build perfect, mechanism of fast user opinion feedback and mechanism of user demand investigation, everybody should listen attentively to the complaint of the user, proposal. Ceaseless analysis, revise.

2.Cut those who return an user to need

Satisfy the requirement of the user, everything is thick as hail. Do not need hype, ask the resource you to be cost more more offerring good experience to come up for the user.

3.Do not violate the intent of the user, develop the use habit of the user and skill

Having a story is such: When returning the search that uses Google in Yahoo, a few analysts of wall street will evaluate these two searches which good with, take out Logo. The retrieval that evaluates Yahoo consistently as a result the effect is good. Because Yahoo is use Google,retrieve a result, and undertook to heat keyword adjust artificially. But these inquire one face about by the side of the computer that the analyst returns him thing, happen to coincide opened Google.

4.Detail decides success or failure

Information is not more better, in huge information age, if cannot appropriate arranges information, that is equal to without information. Every word of every page, every placement that resembles element, picture is worth to cost time to consider. Need the user most put in the most conspicuous position, the placement of second need arrives more page, what do not need is refuse.

5.Accomplish a thing acme

Want to pay close attention to the of 80% demand of the user of 80% not just, the of 20% demand of the user of 20% is place of key of your success or failure.


So much needs the problem that you solve, do you return able other thing? To the platoon is in the business of the 4th you do not have an opportunity. So the successful affirmation of perpendicular search engine is not the trade family status that has good resource, company that also won’t be big search, the search engine company that is course of study of group of dedicated Yu Mou necessarily. Because have only dedicated, ability accomplishs a thing acme.


Failure nevers mind, but if search engine company to did not innovate, what company of this search engine faces necessarily is death.

8.Need masters main technique completely

Business of a core is passed impossibly outside bag step will solve technical problem. Although look for a technology of the bag outside big company to look very beautiful, very fast, even cost is lower. But this is to be in those who destroy you to will come. Because this is a product, not be a project. The product is to need those who adjust to be perfected ceaselessly, the demand of the user also is need mining of change, internet also is change, technology of the bag outside you is accomplished impossibly absolutely satisfy all sorts of change neatly, in time.

How do you hold your lead dominant position when competing with the competitor? (preamble said, if be maintained banner for some time by adversary, so the lead dominant position before you alls gone) . Here has not considered competitive issue, buy other to search the technology of engine company, the other side can true technical unreserve sell you. Besides, sell you you can be you done understand? The technology is again difficult also should solve by oneself. Otherwise you are destined to fail. Best method buys core technology to shorten namely cycle of research and development, cost, risk, have own research and development in this core technology again.

This is the technical doorsill of perpendicular search, look be like not tall, actually very tall. To the technology the problem can be solved round, satisfy the requirement with the most pressing user with the simplest technology. The user won’t care a technology to come true.

Pattern plate means can be webpage structuralization information the complement of draw-out technology.

Inchoate to feasible application using pattern plate technology also is right choice.

What for instance Chinabbs does is very good, the main demand of the user is to should browse good card, strengthen the construction of content so, the editor that looks for Gao Shuiping is done recommend, and mix in the interface go up easily with the gender very pretty good also. Banner Qihoo. Their initial stage uses technical field should be pattern plate generates means automatically to gather forum information, poorer than Qihoo technology level, but the key that this is not user demand at present, and although administrative levels of Qihoo technology level is tall but if immature, the thing may not that reflects an user is strong. Chinabbs resolves technical difficulty again next, there is promotion on the technology, so he can hold lead dominant position continuously. (But the word says again, the editor with good invite applications for a job is very easy, the technology should promote an administrative levels and maturity is very difficult, and very expend time, of course the user is used to and famous spending also is to need for a long time to foster)

9.Realize the need with the urgentest user with the simplest technology

The technique is main, but technical use is proper more important, the skill learns a service for the user.

Want to be able to satisfy user need only, what technology is OK, do not represent simply be no good, realize the need with the urgentest user with the simplest technology. The integral technology of Baidu I think to have at least from Google Chinese 1 year above difference, difference of a lot of respects is bigger, but the effect of Baidu is better than Google, the reason uses simple technology at realizing the demand with pressing user namely.

Lift me the case beside will describe simple technical implementation requirement:

I am based on ours visual webpage piece draw-out technology demonstrates analytic text to look to one good friend, after the good friend looks, say: We also came true. I am big Jing, they do not do a search, also came true unexpectedly! After the method that he tells me to they come true, I am startled again, the settlement with the OK also and very good technology that feels simple problem, although be solved not completely, but the demand that can satisfy oneself is good. Their means of settlement is: Undertake an analysis to the Html of the webpage, whole Duan Wen the character that there is Html code in the word is extracted, this is text. (exclaim! ! So simple! ! Note: Their news source is such format)

10.According to characteristic of Chinese native land Internet, puissant Antispam, undertake cleaning to information.

11.Misunderstanding of a lot of people is perpendicular search even if do relevant industry webpage to collect, have main body draw-out, realize a search, the information that finish book inquiry.

Be not actually such. If cannot search competition with the webpage so, webpage search is very easy can press webpage library the classification of occupation, area that press the ground to classify.

Perpendicular search should be the treatment that has depth to perpendicular trade news, effective conformity, offer a webpage to search the sex of professional, function that cannot accomplish for the user, offer for the user deep the service of one pace and whole experience, and it is the retrieval that provides information not just. Perpendicular search has substaintial poor dissimilation with information search.

The improvement that 12. dedicated user experiences

Any propagandist hype is empty lack is insignificant, the core that searchs engine depends on an user experiencing, you should improve user experience only, than others strong little, so the hype of other person and conduct propaganda are working for you.