Use the act with relevant cogged search

Chinese stationmaster is clever, any issues that concern with the interest can dash ahead without thinking his safety go doing, think of to use relevant search to promote his keyword the opportunity that is searched with respect to somebody so.

Keyword: Bearing

Analysis: Because of bearing keyword the first page is unexpectedly valence, and relevant data is bigger, keyword bearing optimizes the difficulty that has a bit, change an angle to do so, brush Baidu relevant search, through relevant search user of all alone guiding clicks a search, discharge the site that first is him next, achieve thereby come from Baidu discharge purpose.

If plan institute shows: Graph 1

Among them of this Ao Xing should be to do it intentionally

Graph 2

Very long before have arrive this a little bit alertly, but when paying a figure now of all before relevant rank had dropped a few downward in Baidu first site, knowing is to be contended for unexpectedly big still be Baidu algorithm is changed somewhat.

Brush the method that searchs related Baidu:

1, assume we take Guangzhou SEO, A to admire two keywords to come exemple, our purpose is when searching Guangzhou SEO, A Xianxiang appears to involve a search in relevant search.

2, particular way:

Baidu searchs keyword Guangzhou SEO, obtain address of the following URL / S? Wd=%B9%E3%D6%DDSEOcl=3, among them %B9%E3%D6%DDSEO

keyword of corresponding Guangzhou SEO, next we change the keyword into A to admire again, get / S? Ie=gb2312bs=%B9%E3%D6%DDSEOsr=z=cl=3f=8wd=%B0%A2%CF%DBct=0, such URL, next we click a search through leading an user through the site of large flow, it is after period of time in crucial search the result that can come out to imagine so (note: This quote Qiu Shida is concerned at brushing Baidu relevant search train of thought) .

PS: The thing that Baidu algorithm is changing to be able to be used now all the time passed to be able to be not used before long probably, this law has risk him everybody careful travel.