Use skill: “Search engine " how much to know

Nowadays, the information on Internet is numberless as the sand, how can you find the information that we want well and truly quickly? Everybody can say to use search engine for certain, but how much does search index prop up you to understand again? Know Goolge, Baidu is not enough? This can be the most powerful search engine. Yes, this is the most powerful search engine really, but in so huge data system, should find the information that we want or the difficulty that comparative. Below, the search engine that sees me be brought to everybody uses skill, perhaps meet some help to you.

Engine of every kinds of search has different characteristic, choose suitable search tool talent to get first-rate result only. Here I say Goolge.

Above all, we will see Goolge, / Intl/zh-CN/The most powerful search index on the world is propped up, had it, you can are the pron any thing that finds you to want on the net, how? One’sed mind disturbed? Come with me, see here have what skill:

   1, the file that the search specifies a type

Decide you want the file kind of the information of the search, also be patulous name: Do when be being searched later, you need to use only " key word Filetype: ? Barium of ┱ aunt  male ask outskirt pure Shan to sprain burns of idle of Guan of  of ⅲ of male bank of  of quarrel of Jiao of course of study Iletype: ? A when pen Qia Oolge develops very powerful and practical search is syntactic. Pass this grammar, goolge can search general webpage not only, still can undertake retrieval to file of certain binary system. If pursue 1:

We are searched " computer enthusiast Filetype:pDf " can get the document that sees the search is Pdf format, same you are OK also and other the file of other form. The person that likes to watch Flash animation has good fortune, through using " Filetype: ? Shelter carve the tenth of the twelve Earthly Branches of benzene of Pie of Jiao of Jian of castrate of spay of carry of tip of ǎ  Chong song of Lash of Mo of summary an ancient nationality in China, MTV, and need not use special search to download a tool. For example: Search the song Flash MTV about five hundred. Keyword: “Five hundred Filetype:sWf " . Have a try, have the song that you want.

   2, interpreter English word

When you read a first-rate English essay, perhaps the friend chats with English when seeing the word that does not know, and right now at hand does not have a dictionary again, such as also was not installed in computer " PowerWord " wait for electronic dictionary. Face this kind of situation, can these obstacle ignore, had jumped directly? Actually, use the online interpreter function that search engine provides for us, can solve this one problem. At this moment you are searching the input in column only " the English word that Fy needs to inquire " , OK and relaxed settlement problem. For example: Inquire " Dragon " this word, so input in address column " Fy Dragon " or " Dragon Fy " carriage return can see you want to find the meaning of the word.


A, after putting Fy park English word likewise effective.

You are B, OK also those who search Chinese " interpreter " , if of the input is " Fy Chinese word " , the result of the search will be corresponding English word. If you are used, is Baidu, that is searching word of English of the input in column directly, for example " Dragon " after carriage return, in clicking result page " dictionary " link, can get in a new page the Chinese of this word explains. Had these, you need not be afraid that your English is inferior to others! Most this passes at least word is to pass.

   3, complex calculation do you have it fierce?

See this little consideration inscribe: Log((sin(30))^2)-3+pi= ? How, beat? Irrespective, is there Goolge? Open Goolge, input corresponding computational formula in searching column directly, for example " Log((sin(30))^2)-3+pi " , after pressing carriage return bolts, you are met surprizing discovery, the result has appeared be before, if pursue 2:

Want than what yourself calculates much faster, and is what you calculate not certain still be correct?

   4, search " limitative class " content

The very much thing on the network added certain visit restriction, do not allow our drop by, the entrance that although allow a visit to also be not established,perhaps visits (know complete link just can be visited only namely) , for example the imposed a lot of restriction books on the net, software, instant perhaps photograph picture resembling a head. And these need you to be able to use a few special key word only.

On-line of A, search is photographed like the head, input in Goolge " Inurl:" ViewerFrame? Mode=" " or " Inurl:" MultiCameraFrame? Mode=" " , " Inurl:" View/index.shtml" " the result after carriage return hind can open a search, click among them random a link, can see on the world a certain place monitors camera lens films the content that come down, if pursue 3:

The B, limitation that breaks through download, we can use key word " Index Of/ " the limitation of test and verify that will jump over a webpage, find the download link of a few resource directly, input for example " “index Of/" Inurl:lIb " , can search the literature of very much OK and direct download. Input " “index Of/" Cnki " the VIP books that can find a lot of libraries exceeding a star downloads an address. Use same argument to still can search the content such as Ppt, Mp3, animation, software.

What what say here is the one fraction that searchs skill only, still a lot of need authority of every little bit accumulate. Actually knowledge has is such, should thick accumulate thin hair!