Use knit a dream to build a station two years the website optimizes the experience that go up to share

Core clew: Use DEDE already 2 years, had witnessed its to grow, in SEO study and experimental respect, also undertake all the time with DEDE for the foundation. Mix oneself now of the friend optimize plan to be put about its, learn together for everybody, discuss.

1, the homepage model of written characters of will current position, the website name of instead yourself.

Explanation: The friend that has learned SEO looks to know why, increase inside join, another advantage uses the keyword join of page of turn one’s head to tell a spider namely, your website locates. This bit is very actually important really.

My NBA stands, also had written a lot of experiments to report before, for AD color suspicion is not sent, I all outside couplet does not exceed 3 words: Direct seeding of NBA of living broadcast of video of NBA video NBA, the meaning tells a spider namely, my website fixed position is NBA video living broadcast. Such result is, a month did not update this website, its keyword still holds the home page that GG searchs.

2, if you do not know how to locate, perhaps fear the keyword repeats, do not write a keyword to describe tag.

This word sounds how how to contradict with the first, since the first is to tell a spider the fixed position of its website, the 2nd label take out that will use fixed position technically instead!

Actually, not contradictory, have window explanation, home page if,my premise is, if you are met depict, that is good of course, if you won’t, that take out is better. Also can rise to emphasize the first effect so.

3, the coping navigation that writes a standard and normative bottom copyright.

Write down normatively, code is concise and clear good. And accomplish as far as possible do not alter

4, the search that reservation leads oneself, have normative setting.

The search function that takes oneself is very powerful, if the content of your website is more, so leave it please, so convenient user searchs a data, this is human nature is changed optimize on one hand, but the pattern plate that carries oneself is not quite beautiful, so we were about to be decorated a little. And, this pattern plate of this search is an alone pattern plate, result page still has the link of DEDE, suggest everybody cancels.

5, revise 2 form the caption of 3 class page, give every column an alone Desciption ticket.

My proposal is:

Name of website of name of column of 2 class page

Name of website of caption of article of 3 class page

Have an alone Desciption ticket to every column, a lot of friends this nods metropolis oversight. Word of Desciption length 30-50.

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