Use Baidu index undertakes the search engine of rich guest is optimized

Rich customer order, especially WordPress, because page structure is measured gently simply,Zblog is waited a moment, spend related the article agglutinant strong, suit to be aimed at those who search engine to optimize very much so. So the develops them namely acme that we should do, shi Yi grows ability to smooth in order to make! Ah breathe out ~ , the word says to of course some of person distains to be considered to this, but I should state of a bit is, you can obtain more discharge accordingly.

Above all we will see a tool, it is Baidu index. We do not need you to register good Baidu index today, of course it is better that you have Zhang date to affirm, it is good that we need this to use Baidu index only, concern with key word because of what basically tell today.

Of rich guest had optimized with bad should begin from the first article of rich guest, the first classification begins, want to choose to begin from your domain name even. So what do we need to do? So we divide a measure to look:

One, above all your rich guest must have a theme

Your rich guest theme has decided, so you have a key word for certain, how can choice key word use Baidu index, one search sees search pay close attention to degree, if a bit attention is spent,do not have so you had better not choose this key word, because very few person can pass this word to come over to visit your site, as main keyword must discreet. So does too tall attention spend hypothesis 10W second above? Do I still have courage? The answer is you can be done, want you to hold to only, notice detail. Because carry the observation research of two months, relevant keyword can accomplish the first page really, the time that I did not spend too much kongfu to have a many month about actually is to waiting for Baidu to collect, without what newer. This appearance can, what are you still afraid of, if say lot, also had withheld the first page two weeks. Say this is likely so. How to notice detail, you can see the Baidu that I write optimize series, such I doing, not complex. If your ambition is not very big, so you can choose a bit less attention to spend, control in 100-1000 about, it is safer so.

After choosing good key word, you can choose a domain name, can, advantage is cheap and Baidu is not repellent. But my individual still suggests you, because can assure your proper domain name,input discharge. The domain name had better be the domain name like keyword phoneticize or from the back add to two letters. The domain name matchs a gender to be opposite with it is important to still comparative for key word.

2, next the name that you should choose carefully to classify, and the abbreviate name of permanent link

Classified name can use the method that afore-mentioned domain names choose likewise, need an attention nevertheless classified word group not to want attention to spend namely it is good to jump over Gao Yue, and it is taller that domain name key word can say better, why? Think carefully, because your classified key word should have specific aim, visitor can be attracted inside the keyword that less attention spends, that meeting is adhesive caller, and it is the caller that has specific aim, had heard some people do what wrong keyword technically to attract relevant visitor, there is inward reason inside this actually. So the attention of the keyword is spent be in about 100 control or 500 the following OK, the abbreviate name of your permanent link uses phoneticize full name certainly, or Chinese link: Because search engine to supported Chinese to link now, it is better to be spent related your key word, more the favour that accepts search engine.

3, your article is permanent link, and the caption of the article

Article caption must the keyword is advanced, multi-purpose group of participle of blank space area, for example: DNF new developed area is opened and not be DNF new developed area is opened. Permanent link can consult classify permanent link setting.

4, your theme

Your theme must adhesive, install plug-in unit of better relevant article for instance, for instance I love water to boil a fish that is very good, I use Related Posts all the time she. Actually this is the in-house link that became a lot of high quality to oneself inadvertently.

5, the article that achieves formerly

Achieve formerly what is knowing, ah, of high quality achieve an article to be able to bring a lot of links to you formerly, as to borrowed your canal also is in charge of not know clearly, still be inferior to paying no attention to so, the eye disappears for clean.

Can have done this when, relevant key word is searching the place that the platoon has reached among engine certainly in the rich guest that believes you, had been carried out a lot of times because of me, time-tested. Hope everybody likes this article, sb’s past was dug.

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