Undertake searching bringing propping up 5 optimized points about rich customer site

Ability is not encountered, be about to be added more hit out actively. Accordingly, no matter how your rich guest content is wonderful, how the meeting in anticipating is welcome, you must let others see, only others discovered your content, value ability is able to reflect. In commonly used network tool application, search engine is holding significant position undoubtedly, the netizen searchs what information thinks of above all is Google, Baidu.

The author of guest of a lot of rich is dedicated Yu Wenzhang’s writing, be too busy to understand SEO(to search engine to optimize) , did not adopt any measure to optimize their rich guest in the light of reader and search engine almost, be found the chance is little. To search only index is propped up friendly, the guiding with nicer gift searchs engine capture content, raise the exposure rate of rich guest, increase the amount that browse. Oneself are below a bit understanding that optimizes to the search engine of rich customer site:

One, site and domain name

Choose a dimensional provider that can provide excellent service, speed of rich customer site can make too slow a few readers lose patience, more important is, the rich customer site that searchs engine accredit is normally a few have content of high quality article, newer frequency the domestic famous website with PR tall, high cost.

The keyword is included to all alone to search inside the domain name for engine, also somewhat advantage, the combination that can use a keyword installs a domain name to be optimized at searching engine with benefit. Carry out a proof: Same keyword and content, it is better that the rich guest of independent domain name compares the rich objective that uses 2 grades domain name to want in the expression that searchs engine for certain.

2, the keyword is politic

The keyword is the core that searchs engine, also be the core that search engine optimizes. Should the keyword closely related choice and article content, with rich guest or the dependency that the keyword with channel content not tall dependency destroys whole of whole rich guest possibly even and harmonious sex, reduce the weight of rich guest thereby.

The density of the keyword should be reasonable control, the keyword alls alone in the density search inside the article engine did not set a rigid standard. Content reads to the user, what should not affect a page only is beautiful, can add the outstanding keyword such as color of thick, change reasonably.

In the keyword that must show you want on home page caption, as long as reasonable and outstanding do not exceed 2 keywords can. Can Title changes the keyword that wants to add.

Webpage caption design is the main factor that single page optimizes, the content that will convey with it will judge the thematic content of this page. The keyword of existing specific aim had better go out on caption, OK and very good help searchs engine to judge the theme of this page, at the same time the user also was clear about. Can use the label such as H1, B, Strong to optimize the label such as the keyword to optimize a keyword.

Search engine cannot identify a photograph, be necessary to add key word in the ALT attribute of the picture so, such search engine can think the key word that changes picture content and you is consistent. If a few pictures are added at the same time same an attribute, the likelihood is punished.