Undertake rich guest optimizes 16 fields that want an attention besides content

Core clew: A good rich settle or live in a strange place above all content is close friends, but good propagandist promotion is very important also, it is 16 respects that rich guest optimizes need to notice below, need compensatory specification to fall, these suggest to just be aimed at rich guest oneself optimize.

1, use Akisment or Math Comment plug-in unit, protective rich guest does not suffer the harrass; that rubbish links

2, set the statistical service code such as Google Analytics the lower part in WordPress pattern plate as far as possible, had better be in Footer.php. Such doing can accelerate; of speed of webpage to load

3, tie the Feed of Feedburner fire the region under one’s name that decides his (if be Feedsky, the 2 grade domain name that suggests strongly to use oneself is bound calm) ;

4, install plug-in unit of headline of a SEO, before the article title that yields you appears in rich guest name (if be Wp rich guest,the proposal uses All In One SEO);

5, use WWW jumps turn, permanent link jumps turn, ; of relevant article plug-in unit

6, if you just open win, ensure the root list that did not put rich customer in the domain name falls. Found a subdirectory that the name is Blog (do not use WordPress this name) , and regard an entrance that contains rich guest link as catalog of domain name root. (Guest of this network profitable rich also is not very clear why)

7, use Adwords, overture, the key word of the website such as Yahoo inquires a tool, search for before compose article to it the feeling that; (of relevant popular key word writes an article to search engine a bit, very practical nevertheless)

8, the key word with make sure all classification are contained likewise better, do not take a few curious and eccentric name;

9, in Url use connector breaks up key word is optimal choice, it is underline; next

10, do not forget a picture to add Alt label. Additional, had better give video, all that Flash animation wants to be able to be added only etc adds Alt label;

11, make sure every article date is very conspicuous, so that Google can find its; above all

12, the website that assures you has on mobile equipment same can inspect a gender, if be no good, use a plug-in unit to realize;

13, output of RSS of use full text. Partial RSS output can give the likelihood you bring more discharge, but dutiful constituency is more mainer than discharge;

14, the problem; that tool of manager of use Google website will come to to check a website

15, do not use assistance theme, because this is in,can damage your website later. Additional, do not write PayPerPost ad in WordPress, because it disobeyed TOS;

16, Google does not care about URL in / amount, it is OK also to resemble such Mydomain.com/2009/01/13/dir/dir/dir/my-post-is-here link so. Length is not a problem to Google. If suggest the static state turns your rich customer likely, use Html is terminal.