Uncover close Baidu and Gu Ge to collect the rule

To the website collect with update, search engine has their respective law. Accordingly every time of the website collect newlier, affecting the nerve with each possessory website. Because collect immediate impact newlier to wear,Baidu rank and Google are ranked, of course the oneself situation of each website is different, collect newlier also cannot of treat as the same. According to Internet some professional attentive observation and contrast, baconian those who give Baidu, Google is newer collect the rule and phenomenon. Engine of all alone showing search optimizes a net to study achievement announces as follows:

1, Baidu reachs collecting is according to the quality of your website and the change that replace rate change newlier, you are collected more quickly newlier faster also, you are collected slower newlier also jump over slow; and Gu Ge is compared newlier sedate, basically be to be updated once a week, to major company website. If be big door net,go up, the situation that Google is collected and replaces possibly will be different. A lot of websites are possessory undertaking Baidu is optimized when be being optimized with Google, often can think, be Baidu after all is be being returned more quickly newlier Google is updated faster? And I feel this is not a sheer number.

2, Baidu takes seriously more than Google achieve an article formerly, to the website of an identical content, in Google already on Site 1000 webpages, and Baidu still does not collect information. Baidu also is rising ceaselessly to collecting mass, a few somes year of amount that says Baidu is collected is very exaggerative, and now, of a lot of big websites collect an amount by be reduced, even greatly under Google collect an amount. This one action also showed Baidu changed collected standard.

3, the person that your Baidu is optimized often the website that troublesome issue is him often is punished by Baidu, be crossed gently by K home page, weigh a miserly. This is the mechanism of a kind of penalty that Baidu optimizes cribber to Baidu. And can have a kind of joint liability. If a certain website by K, and your website has the friendship link that points to it, so your website also can be punished. And won’t inform you beforehand. Appear by K it is very thorny issue, if you not take remedial action, may go under K all the time so. Your website can be kicked to give the door of Baidu finally.