Two of SEO dead acupuncture point: Collect with group hair

Generally speaking, the main level that a website achieves SEO to succeed is content and link, ground of regret making a person is a few searches engine optimizes personnel however its corresponding at collecting with group hair. Through collecting implement undertake content collects accumulation simply to reach group of hair implement wanton increase exterior link to you can dally with search engine? Actually this is two of SEO dead acupuncture point.

Be known according to me, the means that the website collects basically includes two kinds, one kind is the collection that CMS system takes oneself function, be like the CMS weaving a dream of the wind dispatch CMS of Asp, Php; Additionally one kind is to collect a tool technically, collect like loco implement, their principle is in undertaking according to the HTML regulation of target website page content presses regulation to stock this locality database picking extraction, output next. What compare an extreme additionally is the download that make a station implement, the website file of all static state downloads this locality, rectify a station to revise Url to wait next upload, fiercer is thief program builds a station, the website content of others of real time purloin, actually this does not calculate collect, just read the data that took target page to be revealed below the domain name, be similar to mirror station.

Be included commonly with group of sodden hair software by black hat SEO now rich guest comment and cite Trackback group hair, forum information group hair, the website leaves a message group of hair.

Why are a lot of people very happy with it does heart of the heat of the earth’s interior reach group of hair at collecting? Probably the rank regulation that with Baidu and Google index of two big search props up has very big concern. Because the rank algorithm of Google is medium the proportion that holds to place of exterior link range is larger, be based on the protection of intellectual property and undertake falling counterpoising handling to duplicate content, but it is OK also to pass a link it seems that changeover of will additional data becomes normal result, beyond place catenary group send pair of Google to also have some of effect. Baidu likes to update frequent website, I believe a lot of SEO have this kind of consensus, the action of exterior link range not so outstanding, and Baidu joined artificial intervention, to the page show the result the demand is high also.

Told so one caboodle, seemingly I am gaining ground collect reach group of hair knowledge. Ah, the comrade that has this kind of idea is wrong! A lot of people are collected to mix just about to the understanding of SEO group of hair misdirect. Still have your just think, is the meeting with Baidu and true Google so foolish? Additional, rely on group of hair to reach is collecting existent site beguiling search engine or beguiling user after all? Does the meaning of such site have where?

Still be conscientiously makes a station, two this of SEO dead acupuncture point still do not play had better, collect at least reach group of hair to also want to select originality. What Confucius says is good: Do not do a website a bit technology content is done not have.

Author: Charles