Two months time makes the page before ranking Baidu simple at 3 o’clock

Actually we do not have what SEO looks much mystery, it is difficult to have many, actually we should be caught only advocate of a few core can make your rank, the content that we should talk about today is SEO simplification. I state first, my individual is not what SEO ace, the thing that I just had felt my individual is summed up offer everybody to make a reference, hope to be able to be inspired to everybody.

In these 2 the middle of a month I cannot find a new station from BAIDU GG, to input two-men little game appears in the 3rd page, am I how accomplish?

It is the result that I summarize below, the hope can bring a help to everybody.

The first, it is exterior join

This exterior join can have cultured, not be informal a link is possible, if have so simple everybody can use group of hair, exterior join asks quality is very high, the quality here is in namely the station with very tall weight of each big search engine, I searched probably 10 weight are very tall, the sheet that made me is connected.

The 2nd, be content is newer

Content follows new basically be to fill the appetite of full spider, want its a respectful form of address for an old person to come only, let it eat enough, this log that is about to observe IIS, different station, the time that the spider visits is different also, it is OK to there should be new content when the spider comes, this spider feels your station is very pretty good namely, little change also needs on content of course, be not being begged is achieved formerly entirely, but had better pretend, letting a spider feel is achieved formerly.

The 3rd, be in-house join

In-house join must expedite, reasonable, even if the page is again ugly,also want to keep expedite, did not come in to went not to go out to moment spider, this but not quite good cough up, and it is OK that in-house join should accomplish a spider from an any road can passageway your other page. (