Tutorial: The website that just faces you from 6 undertakes technical compose build

One, frame of slam the door

Frame structure is to point to use a webpage cent is a certain number of the window, can reveal the webpage of a few different content on a page so, put menu and webpage content in two frame for example, should pull the roll that uses webpage content so when, the webpage of menu part can keep fixed do not move, go to the lavatory to browse a webpage to bring. Additional, less to a few content website, use frame structure to also make webpage layout looks more rich.

But the point of view that needs from network sale, stem from search engine to optimize the consideration of the respect especially, the webpage that had better not use frame structure is designed, perhaps want to undertake special processing, the retrieval that so that get used to search,index props up is regular. The main problem of frame structure depends on cannot be every webpage to install a caption, more bad is, some search engine to cannot be handled correctly to the page of frame structure, meeting influence arranges the place to what search a result. So usually, do not use frame structure as far as possible. General now website is the webpage design that uses form fixed position.

2, the Css that optimizes you, reduce a server use up

What is asking CSS?

CSS is watch of style of cascade of Cascading Style Sheets() abbreviate. Does he form: by 3 parts? ≡ dome?selector) , attribute (the extraction of Properties) and attribute is worth (Value) . A piece of webpage can have 2 kinds of means to call cascade style list. One kind is this webpage interior is called, one kind is this webpage exterior call. This webpage interior calls what can raise a server to use efficiency, every person that browse needs to take up one answers line Cheng to be able to realize the fixed position that the style expresses only. And exterior calling is.css a kind of method that file answer uses. Download Css file when the user is browsed, in browse the webpage that generates with pattern plate to need not download again, reduced webpage file size effectively. In server system natural resources not bounteous circumstance falls, the home page of the website is used commonly call inside this webpage, and content page often is used exterior call. And the method of this kind of economic natural resources so far, still be used by many website place, for example because the home page of sina net browses a quantity too big, call the method of Css file to saved bandwidth to use interior namely.

3, of Javascript answer with

Javascript is a kind of script language that develop by the LiveScript of Netscape and comes, main purpose is to solve server terminal language, for instance Perl, the rate issue of bequeath. Service end needs to undertake test and verify to data at that time, because network rate is quite slow, have 28.8kbps only, the time with wasteful measure of test and verify is too much. Then the browser Navigator of Netscape joined Javascript, provided the basic function of data test and verify. The official name of JavaScript is ECMAScript. This standard develops by ECMA organization and safeguard. ECMA-262 is formal JavaScript standard. This standard is based on JavaScript (Netscape) and JScript (Microsoft) . The Brendan Eich of Netscape (Navigator 2.0) invented this language, begin from 1996, had appeared in all Netscape and Microsoft browser.

The development of ECMA-262 only then 1996, in July 1997, ECMA general meeting accepted first its version. 1998, this standard called international ISO level (ISO/IEC 16262) . This standard still is in development in. Program of a JavaScript is a documentation actually, file of a text. It is built-in in HTML documentation. So, any software that can write HTML documentation can use development JavaScript. Here I recommend the Microsoft script editor with accessary FrontPage 2000 of big housekeeping money (in FrontPage menu | Tool | Grand | ) of Microsoft script editor. It is a program development like Visual Basic / C++ implement, can make brief clew to the statement that inputting. Cooperate FrontPage 2000, make workload decreases greatly. In searching engine to optimize the job, javascript removes move answer to use the function of.JS file likewise, be good at using.JS file to be able to save website system natural resources greatly.

4, the design of Flash

The standard of the seesaw pattern vectorgraph that Flash rolls out by Macromedia company and Web animation. Creation of webpage architect use Flash goes out already beautiful the navigation interface of changeable dimension and other and peculiar effect. But do not have engine of any a search basically to be able to identify him so far regrettablly very much. It is introductory website home page in other words Flash is made, the engine of all content search inside that website will cannot collect. Search engine still cannot divide the link inside file of separate out Flash. But it is OK that about FLASH the design optimizes from the following two respects will consider: 1, make version of an auxiliary HTML: Withhold original FLASH version while, return the version that can design form of a HTML, the webpage that also can let search engine to pass HTML version will discover whole website. 2, HTML file will set inside Flash: Undertake redeeming through changing webpage structure, do not design whole webpage Flash animation, embed Flash content ably however in the design of the webpage, such search engine are OK also get efficient link structure from inside webpage code, for example the literal link on the page.