Tutorial of administrator of website of cereal song Chinese links framework importance

Core clew: . Linking a framework is the substantial in website program, be alled alone by search to the website the index state of engine has main effect. Whether can also find a webpage to cereal song robot and make the user can visit them smoothly then have decision effect.

The 2nd when regard a link as special subject series, we want to discuss the value of link framework with you, and answer the question related you. Link framework—The in-house link means of your website is you the substantial in website program, be alled alone by search to your website the index state of engine has main effect. Each webpages that whether can it also find you to cereal song robot keep abreast of and use a can successful visit to have decision effect to theirs.

Ensure your core webpage needs to be able to arrive through be being clicked a few times of home page only

You can think probably compared with catalog type navigation for, the user may prefer to use the search frame on your website, but regular meeting of your classics of this kind of practice is search engine reptile to set a barrier, because they cannot be accomplished almost,in search casing input character is searched or be in next pulling browse in menu. Accordingly, you need to affirm your important webpage can click a visit from home page, let Googlebot all over all previous conveniently your website. You had better establish framework of a link, facilitate the user is browsed already so, also facilitate search index props up capture. A few specific proposals are below:

Accord with the navigation that the user is used to to install

You should try the part that oneself era enters an user, the habit of imitate user will design your website. E.g. , if your website is about basketball, imagine you are the person that one wants to understand the visit of optimal dribble skill.

We begin from home page first, if the user does not use you,the search function of the website mixes next pulling menu, the information that the navigation link that can they provide through you conveniently finds them to want (for instance the dribble skill of basketball giant star) ?

Again e.g. an user be the website that finds you through an exterior link, but what they arrive above all is not home page. No matter the user comes above all, is which one page, you should ensure they can find home page etc smoothly the link of relevant section. In other words, you should ensure your user won’t lose way. Is your user convenient find optimal dribble skill? Like home page " skill " such navigation can help dribble the webpage administrative levels with user him located understanding.

Install to search engine but the link of capture

Literal link is very easy be discovered by search engine, if you pay close attention to your content to whether can be indexed normally particularly, use character link is a kind of more reliable method. Can imagine you also can use a few recent technologies for certain, but no matter how, literal link alls alone be more friendly for engine to user and search, more of facilitating visit.

Refer website map very helpful also to main search engine, although it should not replace the link framework of a facilitating capture. If your website uses a few updated technologies, for instance AJAX, you can identify Googlebot to be able to find your in-house link really in referenced later development.

Character of fixed position of use description sex

Describe fixed position written language of the gender, the can click in the link term that sees normally namely, it is a very helpful to searching engine and user signal. Character of the content that passes you, caption, fixed position is waited a moment, google understands your website more, can be search user (the potential user that includes you probably among them) return more relevant result. For instance, if you are in operation website of a basketball, and you think offer the word of a few video for the user through literal link, administrator of a lot of websites installs a link so:

Suggest you will locate the character replaces the character that has descriptive sense more.