Transmission brand builds SEO of public praise effect to serve common problem

Internet times, public praise sale is crucial. Look forward to wins network sale plan to help your faster on Internet sale product, transmission brand, build public praise effect quickly, promote an enterprise competition ability.

1, SEO project is periodic

SEO is periodic in 3 ~ normally 4 months are controlled, time basically is the key word competition that decides according to the lock intense rate and case of site oneself base and calm, to a few a bit bigger SEO projects, analysis of early days key word needs a few weeks of time, whole cycle can reach 6 months longer even.

2, SEO gets effective periodic

A lot of clients are in hear ability of time of a few months to complete SEO project, feel time is too long accept hard, as normal SEO serves trader, executive SEO item needs time. Do not represent should see the effect to that time ability, normally below the circumstance 2 ~ control the primary effect that can feel SEO to bring 4 weeks, be like: Discharge increases, key word rank rises, improvement of search engine performance. The service cycle that at the same time we put forward is the bottom is restricted, not be all projects need to be in that time ability is finished, look forward to wins majority client is to be finished ahead of schedule, achieve satisfactory result.

3, SEO charge

SEO charge is in normally thousands of to tens of thousands of between, a few can be as high as to go up even to cost of project of a few large SEO of course 1 million. These charge are decide according to the cost that we finish project place to use up, if layout of key word analysis, page, code is adjusted, improvement of structural analysis, label analysis, exterior link is waited a moment; The quote between business of service of normal between greater part time-sharing SEO differs not quite, for instance look forward to wins to serve trader with the SEO of Beijing Shanghai and other places, the difference that price difference basically goes up as to manpower cost, of course the main reason that the technical capability of a group also is decision charge, but the main reason that won’t make an influence serve price difference to low SEO project. And to a few individual black perhaps hat kind SEO serves trader, affirmative on the price conference is smaller than serving trader normally piece a lot of, this is about to see him client is to value cost to still value service and quality.

4, why unwarrantable rank

The rank that searchs engine is the result that according to searching engine nature algorithm reachs, and the top secret that search engine algorithm is search engine, only a few high level runs ability witting. The only way that can control search to all alone engine is ranked searchs engine advertisement namely, serve trader as SEO, look forward to wins to carry out experience according to serving an industry successfully, make anticipate the rank is affirmatory to the client, achieve a goal hard. Cannot say we can control search engine to rank, accomplish the a fewth. Our purpose is to help a client make money through the search, is not to help a client make a rank.

5, the rank is not equal to the effect

A lot of clients think SEO makes a rank namely, it is the misunderstanding of pair of true SEO actually, if be mixed the most basically,the most important key word chooses a fault, was the first to also do not create value, the detail is examined how to choose key word.

6, rank fluctuant problem

In SEO service process rank may appear fluctuant, fluctuate to the rank of a few new stations especially range will be occasionally bigger, this is a normal procedure, restore in the meeting inside period of time commonly, after restoring, fluctuate no longer.

7, terms of payment

Once SEO project begins to run, as the service business needs to throw manpower and material resources cost, if normal service business is impossible,accept the terms of payment that fee pays after be being done first only so.

8, the difference of SEO service business

We are to point to the service business that uses logical way to make SEO item here

Property difference: One kind is with the client the interest is central jumping-off place, collect it is core for client seek interest; Additionally one kind is jumping-off place with the rank, for oneself seek interest is core.

Technical gap: To diminutive SEO project, big difference is done not have on the technology, can appear in the light of ability of project of a few large SEO only bigger technical difference.

Service difference: Each service business serve the contrast of character, should depend on as a result of course client.

9, white hat and black hat SEO

White hat SEO: Use the technical method that search engine accepts, improve site oneself design reasonably, make its more while accord with is satisfying requirement of the person that browse, also satisfy search engine behavior to be used to.

Black hat SEO: Use search index to prop up algorithmic flaw, use temporarily swift method, client site lets obtain better natural rank inside short time, nevertheless search engine algorithm is the wisdom crystallization of the engineer of on 1000, be not is minority individual or the organization can occupy by force for a long time, final result is the client was obtained temporarily fast, but subsequently and those who come is disaster however (the site is removed sb’s name from the rolls by search engine) .