Tool of GOOGLE new ad: Self-help analysis is optimized in time

Report according to BizReport Google provided new tool to their AdWords client a few days ago- – the person that the activity is optimized (Campaign Optimizer) .

This tool is OK with respect to advertisement advocate foregoing place do place to report to offer, analyse ad activity setting. This function had been joined in AdWords management interface.

New function is rapid and use easily. The time that wants the left and right sides one minute only can analyse yield results in work move budget, key word and land a webpage to wait for content.

After the analysis ends, can have report generation. Report lieutenant general includes the proposal that how optimizes ad activity. Suggest to may include: How to add key word; When to enhance advertisement visibility change shows address and advertisement article case, the budget that needs to do is adjusted etc. This function can be pressed at any time need to use.

But Google help center suggests every two chapel are used enough. Google helps central explanation say, optimize a tool to be able to be relied on full the expression of two weeks will do an analysis, such clients can receive optimal proposal. (compile: Xi Ying)