To the simple research of Japanese SEO market

A game that a few days ago a friend looks for me to do Japanese is relevant of the word optimize, the SEO of Japanese does not have a case, but with Chinese those who delimit term technology is difference is not much, watch those who noted Japanese to optimize more so. The habit of Japanese is very strange, very clinging at Japanese YAHOO! This searchs engine, but after the search result that used GOOGLE in the portal website LIVEDOOR of Japanese, GOOGLE is in of Japanese market have rate also had very big rise, say to want to do good Japanese SEO so, these two must use main energy in research to search engine.

LiveDoor of Japanese portal website

Japanese Yahoo

After examining relevant data, can’ted help loosening tone, original Japan does not have the search engine of this locality, the Baidu that studies China has let a person very headached, I can not want to give Japanese to be able to make a what kind of search engine come, go spending time research again, whether worth while? Fortunately my concern is redundant, japanese SEO is to be on the battlefield that Yahoo and Google are familiar with this piece, achievement should be met pretty good!

PS: ? Coil up confused first Oogle of miasma male Mo ? With FireFox browser, it is language setting Japanese (Ja) , with respect to OK.