To the evaluation of oneself SEO technology

What to think back to to learn sometimes? Roughly imagine, seem to also search not to come out again besides SEO what, it is to follow search engine to optimize almost relevant. Be in it is analysis of mode of a few sale, plan, learned so long so how oneself knows after all to the technology of SEO? The oneself below so simple introduction takes the route that cross to the understanding of SEO and place, when just beginning to contact SEO, curiosity is driving him to use all sorts of means to raise the rank of the website, it is the trick that learning a few black hats commonly, portal bridge page, spider is directional etc, but its effect disclosure is short-term rank entirely, and its effect station considers the effect in the respect of sale is not very ideal, but in those days encounter oneself of this kind of circumstance to think this still has a mystery to be able to be taken the advantage of certainly however, affirmation still has deeper technology inside, but study does not know how to go to eventual him disclosure SEO, seemed to be not entered again 0, because engine hour is being changed, always eliminating these steps. Still chose white hat finally, to oneself, all the time since had not given SEO Bai Maohe the definition with black too specific hat.

Feel white to cap SEO acquires certain level not to know what is SEO

Alleged white hat SEO, what what I understand is true from the user of the website the experience sets out, to the user of the website the experience is spent, engine is friendly model, wait for a series of undertaking that optimize. Think to want sometimes too the density that takes care of a keyword, this bit incorrect, the individual thinks best most beg nature, the angle that stands in the user goes considering. Do not go envisaging fanciful webpage caption, the content that ought to follow a webpage goes, still thought a lot of, but disclosure oneself seemed to be returned again here 0, think oneself are content of a website is collected at most probably make up, construction, make oneself of another pace feel do not appear SEO, SEO is code undertakes pair of simple webpages so called optimize, increase bit of keyword density, use use <h1><h2> label, increase fetch of a few exterior catenary to increase domain name authority. Respecting this oneself more confused, do this calculate black hat or white hat after all? Is user experience is spent such? Did not say, felt oneself had lost way really, think carefully below, do not know what is SEO really.

At present oneself do not think oneself is what SEO, one article writes him to link a structure to be interested quite to large website in front, probably this is me direction of the following development. To what it is SEO, this is this daydreams repeatedly the issue that does not want to want!

Author: ZeYa*SEO rich guest