To promote innovation : the new station on the line two days break 1300ip

do stand off, also for a long time, but compared to those hardcore webmaster friends, I might also mention the owners of this title.

Well, ado, direct cut to the chase, this time wanted to share with you my personal experience is: To promote innovation

Many of my friends very upset,!
Website template changing for the better, and the content enriched a lot, but the search engine in power today, how fast the new station to get traffic? wait? It is necessary for the new station is now Baidu increasingly strict audit, not a month is not
want to be included, a month, which had a very high quality of the content of your website premise

website types, be sure to promote ways and traffic growth is not the same amount of.
My site is publishing site information, then we should understand from a similar type of site information dissemination, promotion was not easy, because the content of your site is mainly based on customer information, even if you’re a new station on the line free for customers advertising,
customers may not take a look, because you do not stop the flow.

Having said that, so in the end to how to promote it to get traffic quickly? Promotion must be innovation! I now put myself in the context of the new station and to share with you, do not say it
success, but we hope to help novice friends slightly, inspiration.

domain name choice:

Because I am doing is handed down online information dissemination networks, handed the official explanation that the domain name is woool, I chose
is 56woool, taking into account the international domain higher weights, I use .com% 26quot;

Why we must first talk about the domain name choice, which should not need me to explain it, I would say that in
domain name of choice, not only to take into account the customer experience, but also to take into account to choose a domain name in favor of seo.
(Many seo tutorials highlighted above right weight higher than .com .cn, but from the stand point of view I do, there is no experience of it, I stood a few .cn likewise included Baidu well, this is a digression, after

website templates make:

It took me about two days to make up this template, interested friends can go to the next:
(Please also look at the audit, meaning no ad, webmaster friends ip for my stand not the slightest sense) using a very simple cms management system, because of their technical level with relatively weak, but doing it feel more difficult,
But try to do a good job, because a good website template, user experience, the first step in customer recognition! Many of my friends little attention to this point, the site so ugly, even if the customer come first, but coming back?

Well, choose a good domain name, site templates also make over, my stand is mainly based on the content of the information released, the remaining is to find customers to other sites of advertising messages, then one by one
collected his station, this is not hard to find, but the information is updated once a day, and one by one human flesh acquisition, but also spent a lot of time, but this is a must Oh, Oh.

to focus, the rest is how to generalize this!

client’s advertising message is actually a new game open area advertising, what information learned from this?
your website to players based traffic to reflect the value! I like this station did two or three years of major stations everywhere, how can you better guide the player to your site up? Advertise
? cost a lot of money, I believe that many owners friends and I like to eat almost besides money, could take no more money to invest what site.

I think that operate their own online game (because they have been in this line of Mopa roll from graduation, is still very easy to set up an online game, the technical level is also very simple, so almost no
costs), set up a good game, so my game went on those sites play an advertisement, it is probably more than 400 pieces, direct links to game site is my information publishing site one game column, in that Baidu first
The second station above post ads on my site line corresponds to a weight gain of a few very high outside the chain!

I figure a bit, playing an ad on those sites, probably can get
1000ip flow, but note that these flows are guided me and true player traffic! This is why the line two days on my new station would get 1300ip 3800pv such data.

By the way, one more thing: I set up the game spent 400 costs through advertising effect, earnings on the same day Oh, so that is guided to the back, so my marketing costs is positive!
Flow of the most valuable, but also did not spend a penny of marketing costs.