To interior of website of train of thought from the technology the link is entered rank optimize an operation

One, technology piece

1. picture is linked

Calling a picture to have a special property is to replace text attribute label, he is OK certain the information inside the ALT label of the picture is replaced for text information, if this picture shows on the webpage,do not come out, can appear in the position of this picture the news that replaces text. The ALT label of the picture is to consider physical disabilities public figure originally (be like the blind) visit a webpage and prepare, they are in the webpage that browse when the literal information that gets a picture very hard to go up, the description that can replace text through ALT label only will understand picture content. And search engine is met now the text analysis that the content of an ALT label brings into whole page, so the proposal is filling in appropriate keyword is decorated in wanting to be being described neatly when the content of part of picture ALT label.

The link of 2.js

The content as a result of JS cannot be retrieved by engine of most mainstream search, the important code part such as navigation menu emphasizes using JS as far as possible commonly when the SEO that does a website so. If the link of large area uses JS, will reduce the chance that search engine capture collects greatly undoubtedly. The webpage that uses JavaScript technology often piles up at the beginning in the page many Java code, meta of as a result and keyword cannot appear tardy, very chilly to searching engine. Although enclose Html code in JS file,be one of optimal way that reduce weight to the webpage. But one of way that make worst cake likely in Seo job. If the interior of the website links just in time,enclose in JS file in be operated actually, so the webpage that searchs engine to cannot collect you possibly forever.

3. links dependency

The dependency of in-house link is relative to the dependency at exterior link character. But the distinction with their without what big on the principle itself. That is to say the compose of a website builds need to classify a column by content dependency, make same the content photograph link of a column at present. Exemple the column classification that builds musical website like a compose, build thematic column next by every star. The news related Zhou Jielun cannot be mixed the relevant news arrangement of old Yi Xun is in same a column at present. Website of very much large news also is so compose builds.

2, train of thought piece

1. home page links the entrance

Home page is the appearance of a website, also be reptile program most the page that Chang Guang considers. And telling home page from another kind of angle is map of a piece of website. Especially complex to a few group comparison website, the move since the link on home page understands the link of inward page and column page. So website of reasonable design home page can be indexed prop up a when collect in great quantities main task by search in the future.

2. crumble navigation

Still have a fairy tale story about crumble. Very long a long time ago, there is a poor axman on the edge in old forest, his wife and two children and he depends on each other. His son is called Hansaier, the daughter is called Gelaite. The wife of axman died later, he gives the parent after children married again. In the mother plans to bring two children to the forest after, when taking the advantage of them to be asleep next, run. The plan of the mother after Han Saier knew inadvertently, then on the sly contains a face in the pocket. Going on silvan road, han Saier stealthily crumb his biscuit, stop offal pace often, scatter broken crumble on the road. When the mother takes the advantage of children smoothly to be asleep after shirk, han Saier and case Lai awake especially already was inky. Han Saier comforts his little sister to say: Wait for the sun to come out, the crumble that we see so that see I am scattered on the ground, it can point to our the way home certainly. But when the sun rises, how cannot they also find a bit crumble however on the ground, so they are by those in the woods, the bird of the flitter on field little ground peck.

This is " case forest fairy tale " in the describes old practice that concerns with crumble. Do not know from which daystart, the navigation that Han Saier’s crumble begins to appear stealthily in a certain website locally, scattered a whole world quickly next, became big today the crumble navigation with domestic hep place.

In fairy tale, crumble is Hansaier scatter secretly in the grade that enters a forest below, this is the applied pattern that a kind of history records, the purpose is to help approach of your date from, consequently it should be a kind of linear navigation means. It is nevertheless in the application of the webpage, it is good that this thing browser has made date from approach enough, so crumble becomes slowly use expressive content the interfacial element of attributive relation, namely we often see advocate classification > one class is classified > 2 class are classified > 3 class are classified >> final content page such means. But tell catalog structure to be comprised by 3 structures normally commonly. It is home page respectively > column page > content page. Reasonable compose builds catalog structure to be able to allow an user at any time and place the weight of each columns after the place that finds oneself to be in can make sure the column is classified again is unapt too dispersive. Also get favorable balance of trade to click caller 3 times to had not found the information of need too in a lot of findings report that use an experience about website user at the same time, caller can leave a website with respect to very large possibility. So, 3 catalog structure also is the need of the experience that browse.

3. and user conversion think

Pondering over Cong Mou to plant with conversion of the person that browse also is a kind of mode of operation that reflects in-house link dependency on degree. The person that the webpage links a design to be able to make browse resembles surf same, one page of one page browse go down, till the product information that finds need.