Tian Feng forest: Still have structural frame besides content

Content is king SEO most one of topics that often discuss, however maple forest after observing a few content compare outstanding site relatively, generated suspicion for the absolutely sex of king to content, what should say here is still have website structural frame besides content, what feel a word east sums up the car all the time is pretty good, it is that word of the rich guest top left corner in him:

Good cite, good structure, good navigation Well Referenced And Well Organized, with Easy Navigation

Of summary very incisive, a few sites especially enterprise kind or individual site, the work of stylist lacks a standard to perhaps complete the design of task type according to the leader’s meaning, the search engine performance that often causes a few content to show right outstanding site is more disappointing, and the problem of main problem or structure and navigation.

The program structure influence to SEO effect

Because the structure of the site has very big difference, the program with familiar SEO is limited however, bring about a few strategy to cannot be carried out directly so, the Web programmer that needs to design this program or stylist will cooperate to be finished together, spun working battlefront, additionally SEO follows stylist, adjust between programmer still need period of time, work efficiency is opposite next, this moment SEO can do some of concoctive plan and so on only commonly, carry out specificly helpless also.

The navigation structure influence to SEO effect

Of clearly, of navigation reasonable, clarity can affect user experience above all, we must say the design of navigation of a lot of sites lets a person very hard really suit, suggest to a few kinds of program can be offerred when designing navigation, make a few random investigation. Navigation design wants to be being attached most importance to especially for SEO, especially a few portals kind site, large site. Channel and column purpose assign immediate decision cloth of key word position is set and column or channel page is in search engine friendly.

Of course above be maple forest the issue that becomes the discovery when a few clients stand, the happening that how avoids this kinds of problem is what should say here?

The part that builds in the website should blend in SEO technology or SEO strategy, to built site, the job of SEO also is equivalent to website doctor.

SEO is blended in to have a lot of advantages in the office that establishs a station, other do not say, conform to the principle of simplicity odd economically consideration, the SEO after the SEO before the station compares site building costs (manpower and financial capacity) want many much, to make a price of a few clients when, they also can complain the price is too expensive of and so on, to this we are expressed greatly also sympathize with, but the site just was born is a clammy site, those who add grow, ill heavier and heavier (the content page of CMS is made, program of every page interior is very similar, that is to say sick and other sick) , the can much point that costs naturally, the mankind also is such truth.

The construction of content is admittedly important, but maple forest think structural position also no less than this, when such OK thinking that a few sites are being designed, decided this site is met in the future very outstanding, should be in what content notices after building to hold to be mixed with SEO observation only defend the work.

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