Tian Feng forest: SEO is not simple key word rank

Classics regular meeting encounters this client, the their very can direct requirement that raises oneself:

You discharge XXXX key word the a fewth to me

I feel this kind of advisory means is very babyish, the person that asks this question above all does not know what SEO is, I am in the philosophy that SEO is a website has become an explanation to this in one article, boil no longer here narrated.

Want to pass a simple case to show this sense today, why can you choose today? Some friends had noticed maple forest SEO of key word of SEO rich guest has been mixed in Baidu Gu Ge the first page, the target that this perhaps is a few so called SEO, very is the site that envies others searching the rank in engine? Oneself site thinks short-term searchs engine to get good key word to rank very much, maple forest the simple key word rank that here should say is pure perhaps go to SEO is least technology content for the rank, this namely a few people’s simple reason that thinks SEO does not have what technology content. They may have done similar test, since be informed Back Link to be able to raise website key word to rank from a certain corner, desperately go becoming exterior link of course the method is various, the person that include a few SEOer, observed a few SEO discharge the site in front, also having a lot of is support link factory (had gone down now regrettablly, this also is inevitable, maple forest once had said this matter with him) have a lot of people desperately the guest that make gain replies, also really very bitter, make them injudicious regrettablly, what a lot of famous rich settle or live in a strange places of domestic use is Word Press and Movable Type, such a lot of Spammer fail to get or achieve what one wanted, the capability that guest of this two rich prevents Spam is quite strong still. Although program itself is linked without screen,still have a few but Blogger is however very of diligent, or hand is moved delete or to introduce Nofollow, installation a few prevent Spam plug-in unit.

Had arrived when SEO of key word of guest of rich of friend respecting SEO the first page, maple forest do not have very beyond, right continuously a few friends look for me to had done friendship to link recently, this is key word rank, very simple, but it is SEO.

The rank of a few SEOer to seek key word to allow, of leave no stone unturned go exploring a link, have go to what portal station does (for instance of and so on of guest of celestial pole rich) , of useful link factory, this once had been analysed under the counter to a few friends, have what begin to send rubbish to link in abroad from 2003, have the individual link that uses company station, have a large number of using that what the client stands, have a large number of using rich guest comment, wiki is waited a moment, after looking overall very sad.

Often some of age compares big alleged SEOer to be in maple forest before say oneself are SEO expert, but 29 come down with respect to let the cat out of the bag, some even the primary technological process of SEO business does not understand still profess SEO expert, do not know therefrom heard of this place, so-called oneself are SEO expert, add oneself age became old, become without place, buckle to oneself on the flattery of SEO expert, more it is ego is comforted, also can understand, but offer a piece of advice enterprise or the individual is great when seeking SEO to serve the phylogeny that learns SEO, know these companies or individual.

A lot of companies come maple of invite applications for a job forest when can ask to succeed case and so on, does general metropolis ask what to have does popular key word discharge home page in certain search engine? Wanting popular term is, there is resume to all alone in each search engine platoon is recorded in first before here, also be in about log of key word network Baidu the record of the first page, smoke of concerned key word is in Baidu the record of the first page (also be at present) etc, after saying commonly, I won’t go to these companies, the question that asks because of them is very babyish, undeserved I go sacrificing for them my youth. I chose Shenzhen finally civilian website, very honest say, butterfly rain flies (boss) ask I have confidence to had done this to see a thing only, I say to have, next we more it is the problem that talks about a site, how to solve a site the problem of present a few disease, I feel very different, so I chose them, civilian the website is very long before the site that has been banned by Baidu, perhaps such company just knows how to use SEOer, of course civilian not merely light so a site.

Assure to rank those SEO companies or individual, I also feel very babyish, more is the feeling that has heavy flicker person, him home opens be like search engine, want to put the a fewth the a fewth.

Proposal a few companies, stationmaster or the SES that the individual goes this, go listening to him first (she) people how to say, how do SEO, how to know SEO again, perhaps can have a lot of results.

Author: Maple forest

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