Tian Feng forest: Classify strategy of information site SEO

One, project analysis

Classified information website accompanies information to be changed dispersedly more, the characteristic such as diversity. It is the disparate industry according to different area undertakes classified commonly, existence column is much, child the domain name is much, popular key word (hundred thousands of popular key word) wait for a characteristic more, provide information actively by the user more as a result of site of this kinds of information, put in the fatal flaw on a few content so: Content is empty, dependency is poor, lack is professional.

2, gist SEO is politic

The country surrounds urban strategy: What classified information website often likes to make home page is very empty, perhaps be to consider the user can open home page to be able to find his most wanted thing, or obligate advertisement wait for a reason, domestic majority classifies a site to have this characteristic, SEO knows home page is the most important to the search, but the position of really opposite to the person secondary, the home page that the user will come to should stand sees each bare link only, do not feel other the position is very wasteful, the link that Spider crawls home page sees one caboodle piles but it is fixed information (from building a station to begin home page is this appearance) , never mention it spider, the person looked to also be overcome, searched the mainest position to be dropped with respect to such waste. Net of this bit of Hui Cong (a few experience of B2B are very practical) on processing very praiseworthy, the positional design that includes urban share makes person absolutely, circumjacent countryside surrounds central city, people just can see scene charming and gentle into the village, there is fresh food when the spider comes every time.

Should enemy politic: SEO spoken parts in an opera is to pass his strategy and strategy of resort to arms to attack break down the enemy (competitor) , hold integral principle, the 2 grade domain name that meets the enemy with his top class domain name (of the expression in Yahoo particularly apparent) , use oneself 2 (3) the catalog that grade domain name meets the enemy, the list that uses oneself copes with single page of the enemy. Such is in weight, page amount, the respect such as dependency has held clear dominant position.

Baidu strategy: Baidu welcomes you to use rubbish technique, also cannot call rubbish of course, you as far as possible the key word that in each positions of the page even distributinging key word perhaps dissections is, want a page to still have content of a bit readability only, baidu prefers such doing, those are added thick, add red, the way nature that adds H need not say, think you to the most outstanding key word distributings to teach relatively as far as possible even and clear and coherent character sets the position before leaning in source file, be aimed at Baidu so optimize you to had stridden one stride.

The link is politic: To classifying information site character link is not tickler, different area is bound each decide 2 grade domain name to look like current practice, the different column of different area is bound decide 3 grade domain name site of a few classification is being done, the column of the key or special subject is bound decide 2 grade domain name, individual site is being done, so much resource can arise breathtaking inside catenary effect, but the site that uses truly is can be counted on one’s fingers however, use good is rare more. Different area joins between identical industry, estimation can have the link of a few cities below an industry. The join between different city, the column is linked related same city, the key word that content page appears is replaced automatically (the URL that for instance Wang Dasha uses Tags of ground king edifice automatically is replaced, nevertheless need does simple adjustment to tiring-room function) . Outside catenary is politic, if you think those who do is about the same? Inside catenary is enough, if you want to become outstanding, exchange seeking a person is linked or think method to seek a few one-way links, what if you think,behave is more driving, change bit of mind, the link that allows you takes uphill road from beginning to end.

Stand group of strategy: Build a station in the light of disparate industry group, station group purpose: Popularize and assist prop up advocate station, assure client advertisement result, accumulate link resource at the same time; Station group dimensions: About every industry 10-20 site; Station group virus effect: Raped search engine, because a lot of moment search certain key word, before you can discover two pages are occupied by your site almost full. OK and rough estimation, every industry 10-20 station, a city is pressed divide at least for 30 industries, 300-600 site, the means that the site uses to duplicate between different city is built, replace key word, change urban name, cause a batch of sites immediately, countrywide essence calculates 10 cities to do, stand probably group dimensions can achieve 3000 above, the cheapest fictitious lead plane and.cn domain name do a station to invest 100 yuan, about 300 thousand do calm.

3, detail is perfect

To make a rank more stable, have to work hard our editor comrade, assign the task, strengthen a column to update, need to undertake relevant processing to culminating page beforehand nevertheless, need of column expression form a few adjust, edit this moment to be operated with respect to OK and goofy type (Ctrl+C, ctrl+V) do not ask to the editor too tall, they will be very tired. The list page that passes processing actually and content page editor need not do a where to manage to the article, key word and link distributing to had comparatived outstanding. The editor does this work, basically be to get long end effect, we know as a result of how classified information is miscellaneous, long end key word is very so much, choice Baidu index is high and search hidebound is long end word is first-rate undoubtedly, can achieve the goal of intercept Baidu discharge so, must not want to become a few popular key word, did not think foolishly, brother, how many popular word is there still in Baidu can you go up? Give even bird’s nest Baidu usurped two places, need not carry more other, baidu is a persnickety ghost really, popular, search generous, call Top50 with the terminology inside a list of names posted up of wind and cloud, leave oneself basically, ab extra site can be seamed in bone only inside look for the flesh to eat (stand for those video really sad) .

4, discharge is monitored

You install a poison of farfetched in spite of illness casually (look like system of a lot of statistic to this plays meaning) statistical system, count IP everyday with respect to Ok, fear the page that the editor adds is not collected? Use a few free resource with respect to Ok, because page bury is too deep,the reason that does not collect is, was not gone to by capture, can apply for the free rich guest of a few NB completely, big duplicate link, perhaps be in all articles home page of a certain column, the home page of whole perhaps site by turns label is called at the same time, ok, lie on the bed to count IP.

5, the effect is checked and accept

According to your job the plan watchs certain level flow, the page collects rate, the change of key word, take good calculator to calculate you to should take how many deduct a percentage from a sum of money (this must calculate certainly allowed) , the person takes rapidly after taking money, do you to think the business that do goes.

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