Thought what link to looking for friendship

Core clew: The link number on website of the other side must consider when doing friendship to link! Not be not to advocate you and PR to become friendship link for the station of 8 of course.

1, do friendship link to want have a definite object in view. Cannot quite random net! Do friendship link to be about to become the link of the website related to ourselves website content! This decides with the country this foreign policy is same, with oneself the country of policy consistency of the country should go nearly is a truth! Because with oneself website theme agrees,the website of content becomes friendship link, can the exacter content that reflects him website, what is telling others to search the subject that brings the website that props up his even. Should knowing this society is do not like to do not have him definite idea, without oneself style, do not have the thing of own content even! Search engine is not exceptional also of course!

2, the PR that does friendship link to cannot see others solely quite! When some friends do friendship to link, like to do friendship to link with the person of tall PR! Of course we do not object such doing, the person is the thing with such better than oneself envy, but Pr is tall the get one’s own back that does not explain he gives you certainly is highest! Because others gives your get one’s own back,be the link that goes up with his website more or less become inverse ratio! If a Pr is the join on the station of 8 to have 100 (what the link here points to is all A in source code mark) , if a PR is the link on the station of 1 to have 10! So go up from common sense for former the get one’s own back that gives you is (8/100=0.08) , latter is to your redound (1/10=0.1) . The redound of clearly latter was more than far former!

Because this makes the link number that website of the other side must consider to go up when friendship is linked! Not be not to advocate you and PR to become friendship link for the station of 8 of course, the station with those very small Pr also is not despised when we say to just hope to doing Pr to be linked for the friendship of 8 so! The diplomacy that has country and state likewise makes an example! If yourself does not have too much capital,a country thinks move and United States only these big countries go maintaining affiliation, the redound that you can assure to you get is certain the biggest, while with the United States these big countries maintain friendly relationship so you must hold a battle line with other country, such you just can get more benefits!

3, the text on friendship link wants as far as possible with oneself the keyword photograph of the website agrees, conduce to search engine be being approbated continuously to yours so! Doing not have that individual to like a thing is Zhang San becomes Li Si a little while a little while!

4, the real features that wants recognize the other side, cannot build friendship to link with Lilliputian quite! So called Lilliputian shows with you exchange will delete a link tomorrow those today namely! The real features of recognize the other side shows his website has been searched to draw the person that propped up penalty namely! If you think,mix of course the word of family share happiness and woe is understandable!

5, mix more Gov, edu, the domain name of Org and so on becomes a link! Of these 3 kinds of domain names hear have very good advantage, so the station that makes friendship link you with these 3 kinds of domain names also can touch not little light.