Thought experience sums up the distinction of B2C and B2B website SEO

Core clew: We must understand B2C and the distinction that B2B searchs engine to optimize and connection. It is to draw lessons from the viewpoint from expert GalenDeYoung and sale of network of new competition ability to manage advisory thought and experience below and a few of summary.

(1) B2C and B2B have different website to optimize a target

Of course, the ultimate goal that B2C and B2B website optimize is to increase sale, what distinction is done not have in this B2C on the dot and B2B, but optimize in the website on, b2C website is to raise the sale rate that average per capita visits normally. Optimal condition is, discover a website through searching engine when the user, from land the passageway that the guiding of the page enters website set, complete shopping technological process finally.

However, this intranet to B-to-B is not actual for the station, of B2B buy the home to be finished impossibly in the website normally buy circuit wholy, because website of this B2B enterprise optimizes a target,not be the sale that gets effective instantly, and more it is to attract the first selection supplier that buys the home to include it your company to await in choosing roll. In B2B domain change leading is not normally can accomplish immediately, optimize in B2B website in, make the website is purchased business discovery just begins.

(2) raise an user agglutinant rise to B2B enterprise website change rate is very important

B2B enterprise website should be in the attention centrally agglutinant on, the time that lets buy the home to stay on the website is longer, more thorough ground consults see webpage and other relevant webpage content, build thereby buy a trust to the website. The biggest influencing factor when a professional B2B purchases business to make a decision is a risk, in other words, he is afraid of the decision that makes a mistake.

Accordingly, a when B2B buys the home to see a website main goal is the product that evaluates enterprise and company place to offer. Ensure the touchdown that should buy the home to arrive at a website page, the content that other webpage links in the center can conduce to build data-base of enterprise electron business affairs 6. + 18214/ : + ! 73 authentic sexes, make buy the home to include consideration range the company thereby.

(3) B2B intranet stands the content of every webpage more it is important to show

The importance of content of table of article of B2B enterprise website is searching the rank of engine to have main effect to the website not only, and more important it is influential to purchasing business, article table still must have conviction.

Although the conviction in case of B2C website Chinese is very important also, but the B2C client of general pattern is a few medicinal powder door, they are norms, color, favourable to the product or the praise word of pair of a few relatively exaggerated product action is interested, but the state of mind that a commerce purchases business to bear avoid risk is driven, only product price is low meaning you is him best the most appropriate supplier, b2B purchases business to purchase the meeting in flow to make more investigation and study in. Accordingly, which one page that no matter walk along a website,purchases business to let, can establish pair of business trust, to the website with respect to need all webpage content undertake serious design and be 9 important webpages not only.

(4) the buys domestic place habit to use potentially search engine that understands B2B enterprise website

The person of different country likes to use different search engine, and the different algorithm that searchs engine and rank regulation differ somewhat again. E.g. Baidu and Google, baidu someone work participates in an editor, google is full automatic, and be aimed at Google optimize with Baidu optimize again a bit differ. Because search the algorithm of engine,basically do not have nevertheless too big different, because this has been done to Google,optimize, the website indexes in other search the performance that prop up also can have been held out. In addition, as perpendicular search index is propped up more and more welcome, the potential Mai Jiaxi that should understand you is joyous use engine of what perpendicular search, take action the website that lets you also has better luminosity exposing to the sun in these perpendicular search engine.