Those who talk about SEO is do-nothing and treat

Of SEO need not to need

An article sees on stationmaster net: Optimizing ability is best optimize, it is the most important to make good original intention. Indifferently also feels this kind of viewpoint is very reasonable, since 2007, it seems that a stationmaster does not do bit of SEO is not a normal stationmaster, won’t the stationmaster of SEO became mainstream of so called blame. I feel is a bit abnormal so, it seems that a bit cranky write down so that a such words see in some comment: It is justice, arrived cranky degree, also be dangerous. Indifferently feels: Meeting SEO is admittedly good, won’t, should have done you, also went! The SEO that this is indifferently is do-nothing and treated conclusion. Of course, do-nothing and those who treat is do-nothing, it is not to have place to be anything but, not be whats are done. Do-nothing and those who treat is do-nothing be not absurd is, not optional and for, be not violated and be. Contrary, to the sort of thing that accords with, must do it with promising. But place is for it, should be out thing is natural, do-nothing to send from nature, suitable natural; Be it is however oneself, is not a person it is for. So this kind is the natural process that won’t destroy a thing not only and natural order, and the nature that is helpful for a thing develops and grow.

SEO and website target

Affirmatory goal is very main, the user of the website that this decides namely group, which kind user is what you are aimed at? Define a goal, the domain name can decide, domain name and website theme are relevant, whether to facilitate memory? For this user to your website, very important. And decide a domain name only from SEO, I feel to have bit of attend to trifles and neglect the essentials. Indifferently believes firmly, if your domain name writes down content be sure to relevant, that search engine is to have those who add cent for certain, namely so called add weight. And website caption, I feel with respect to the scope of operations as a piece of calling card some people say to had been jumped over more more, the key word that I feel to add some of have absolutely nothing to do with each other with its is attenuant oneself advocate battalion project, be inferior to adding bit of major that highlights oneself less! Manage together, key word and introduction are same also, simple and the website of the specification that make clear is sufficient, a lot of people say to pile up, I believe a word: Over- blame not as good as! I consider the limit that unless you make the eye specimen body of the website,challenges search engine namely namely know how accumulation is met be stood by K.

SEO and website are linked

Does the link weigh otherwise? Affirmation is important, the stationmaster that although never had listened to SEO,indifferently believes knows the link is very important. So, does the quality of the link weigh otherwise? Does the type of the link weigh otherwise? It is very important to these believing that the person that has seen a few SEO knows. So? How to just consider quality good? Some people say engine of all alone seeing search is collected, without concern of value seeing PR feels, the station content that wants him only is healthy, the thing that starts formerly is much, optimize without so called SEO excessive. Even if is a new station, indifferently can believe to believe firmly is quality, one be him website content outspread and complementary. And just, searching engine to also pay attention to these to search engine actually very much is to be in guide everybody to learn how to become a link: User experience is very main!

Respecting link, must mention the link on an article content, a lot of SEOER point out clearly, on article content outside catenary character is actually inside search engine, also be one of key word! We cast SEO to talk, after all of others of the respecting in article content stand or when article viewpoint, give out the advantage of the link.

The material on Internet is very much now, respecting a few more special viewpoints when, I believe major person had not looked. Remember indifferently chatting with the person once, the station that he says shows a fault in the morning obviously, midday however oneself are good. I say for fun at that time: Look river snail girl also with when all was entered, metropolis process designing! He is strange at that time ask me: Who is river snail girl? Do not say his culture culture problem for the moment, we return a moment ago topic to go up. If be to writing an article, you give out the link of girl of a river snail, the meaning that believes a lot of people also understood you probably you feel to advertise freely to others very not be to one’s profit, but the fact is not your place to want send a person the rose in that way and the hand has lingering fragrance! If your website is citing the viewpoint of others when can give out link, when the article of your website became much, be equal to a content to link the HAO123 that go up! The outstanding content that gets on others website came in his station centrally! Index of this action search is propped up even if like what is more,the rather that more!

SEO and W3C test and verify

W3C test and verify, namely so called website standardizes test and verify, use to SEO after all? Indifferently is more than hear somebody to say: Did not use! Connect GOOGLE did not pass test and verify! Of course, also someone says, very useful! So, we cast SEO for, we are had necessary through W3C test and verify.

Optimizing ability like what introduce in above paragraphs is best optimize inside say, can make through W3C your website abandons more quickly a few not be blame otherwise but JS and specially good effect, also make your website compatibility much better. Of course, if your site is certain,specially good effect is indispensable, the solution cannot be found inside W3C standard or plan itself is inferior to settling way so namely, also not be blame pass W3C cannot. We just fall in the condition that can carry, pass as far as possible! Besides, explain through W3C the mistake on a lot of code did not have a lot of moment, a few mistakes of code were not shown downstage come, but browse speed to cause very big effect however. So, even if you feel W3C is done not have necessary through, it is necessary that I feel to detect, least the mistake that you can reduce the flaw on a few detail to cause. Hum, also somebody puts forward with indifferently: Why does W3C want to pass, I introduce code in the article when, it can sign up for a fault! I feel these are wrong, follow kill soft signing up for by accident is same, we are impossible because kill soft have sign up for by accident and do not use kill soft since you know,be to sign up for by accident, also need not persistent at passing W3C test and verify. To indifferently, w3C test and verify is a tool only, and still not be a standard that must want abide by!

SEO and literary level

Does SEO need literary level? Probably some of person SEOER feels to object, believe true SEO ace to won’t feel so nevertheless. Indifferently is OK very bear the blame tell you: Level of the literature in SEO is very important! Even if does website SEO to be no good, if literary level is OK, can others flicker believe my SEO has a level very much, I can rely on SEO to make money for example: Give a book! Of course, not be to speak the SEO of book SEOER to do not have a level here! Just say: Forest is old, what bird has! And you have literary level, namely the bird is big, no matter be virgin forest or Hei Senlin,what grove dare go! SEO namely grove stopped!

Indifferently says above a paragraph of word, do not do not have a truth, just explain literature has the word of certain level, the meeting is more systimatic if saying more important nevertheless is, systimatic while, won’t let a person feel indifferently is in again intended accumulation SEO this keyword. Good, was known to wear by you, indifferently is in him assist literature has a level not to cross me very much is to have a level very much really, I can write pear to spend body!

Return a moment ago topic, believe the person that has contacted SEO knows, the headline of the article is very main this is the skill that you have a theme, character Jian Yijie and the key word that includes your literary works namely clou of point out of so called caption! Still have even if, best the first paragraph perhaps says the first key word with respect to occurrence article this is so called without preamble. And in the article, the occurrence number of key word is very significant also this is so called buckle a theme closely!

Saw, the demonstrative article of a standard, the SEO model essay that is equipment of a standard! And do a website, a lot of moment, those who use is demonstrative article! Say so, of the article do not rely on SEO to come out, the article that wants you to write only is an eligible demonstrative article, so, so called SEO is redundant of course, if you know a bit SEO, be in proper when, do a few proper things, the effect will be much better! E.g. , indifferently writes an article to like to separate an aspect now, list bit by bit come, other say inside SEO, use the H inside article content appropriately namely kind the effect that label and B add black U to add underline. Such doing, it is OK to come the very clear meaning that expresses each point of view, 2 come can SEO key word. A such article is actually right for the reader, also be love to see and hear so.

SEO and achieve a gender formerly

This is very important also, a lot of people know, be being achieved formerly is very important. Because utility of so called SEO is changed, a lot of people can use so called bogus to be achieved formerly is to change one suffix to inscribe namely, content paragraph alternates! This follows GJM same, if you can think the name is OK with money,let oneself shameless GJM, so, this also can yet be regarded as a method, nevertheless indifferently feels a website, still had better have oneself core content, the core that just can form oneself thereby contends for force unexpectedly least, you should have something, the website in others I cannot see. I look, meet such saying only: It is so such! is not to want to lean so, it is this!

You want even if to be done with others same, also good is a bit better than others: The person has without me, the person has my essence of life! So, even if everybody is CTRL+C and CTRL+V, but, what your composing wants to compare others is a bit better, what the interface compares others is a bit more relaxed, what speed compares others is a bit faster, what the server compares others is a bit better so, you prevailed. But anyhow, it is very important that indifferently still feels former to achieve a gender! The station that did not achieve formerly does not have the soul!

Simple brief summary

Zhang Moji learns too extremely the most important sign is: Forgot! Said to forget SEO so, just be best SEO! In short, on each oneself makes a station detail that has soaked the marrow of SEO at ordinary times namely, that also is done not have necessary make sedulous alleged SEO again! Marrow of so called SEO actually namely user experience, accomplish optimization each of your site a little bit to what concern user check, so, your station is sure the meeting is successful! Read headline I know what content is, read content what is the thing that I know to I want to know! is not to read headline, I am very excited: Lean, 97ai! Read content, occasionally very disappointed: Lean, thing of domestic be pregnant!

Of course, indifferently still is bird of a cole! This just learns the thing of note and so on, welcome masters point out mistakes so that they can be corrected! Contention of a hundred schools of thought, I like! Say finally, respect the work achievement of others please, reprint add article address to just can have so please more achieve formerly appear, thank!

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