This locality search is added fast exceed current search this locality to search how get the upper hand of

Latter this locality searchs like a raging fire of market it may be said, its add Su Yuanchao current search. Search rule shows, as the development of network application, the netizen becomes cleverer and cleverer when the search, from the earliest onefold keyword the search arrives gradually two keywords even the mixture search of 45 keywords.

The another of the search evolves into a trend is, spend related this locality search taller and taller. This makes clear, in search request of the netizen, the consumptive trend that is based on this locality search is more and more outstanding. A lot of example make clear, this kind of mixture search requested to show very clear map to search consciousness.

A word, search request of the netizen is more specific, their consumptive trend is taller. The consumer on the net gradually from what should buy (for instance drainpipe) upgrade where to buy (in somewhere the) in some inn.

So, search the netizen with stronger and stronger consciousness in the light of this locality, who can precede this locality searchs the market?

Website and this locality are searched

Before telling this locality to search, the map of product cereal song that we discuss Gu Ge. Of website of main profit from and mobile phone user increase, up to now (in May) , gu Ge’s discharge grew 21% . Released this locality businessman to recommend last year from Gu Ge (after process of application of Googles Local Business Referrals) , gu Ge releases businessman information actively no longer, had issuance power and power because of him businessman.

In-house personnel says Gu Ge, as more and more people use Internet undertakes this locality shops to serve with this locality, to this locality businessman, with this locality Huang Ye’s means builds transparent online recommend a mechanism to appear more and more important. To help a businessman, gu Ge begins to begin to be contacted one by one with them, collect the data such as the businessman’s situation, business hours and digital photograph at the same time. The business family letter that this locality businessman recommends a program to will conduce to people finding this locality through using cereal song map ceases, conduce to a businessman using Internet advantage to have sale, their website without oneself mixes even if online storehouse. The eye ground of this job helps this locality businessman of the United States build the platform of a promotion namely.

Interesting is, when the page that when me businessman of this locality of visit cereal song recommends applies for to register, got dialog box of a clew: The user is very enthusiastic to using response this, we now already the person is completely suffer from!

Under photograph comparing, microsoft, Yahoo and AOL have a bit on the strategy different, they are the channel that sell business through increasing network yellow page to divide ceaselessly investment will promote a search the volume.

The newest data that comes from SCORE makes clear, in this locality Huang Ye searchs the market to go up, the website also opens the Huang Ye of those independence to cannot be handed in. So much the first time year ago, the head of Superpages is divested an ancient folding chair by the Yellowpages with subordinate ATT, because latter increased the account that assigns the investment that sell business,this basically is. What should point out is, this two big tycoons rely on cent badly to sell business (be close to 50%) , because latter brought all this locality to them almost,search discharge.

To ad business, cent sells channel crucial, because they can affect a network greatly,yellow page browses quantity and its commerce value. As to content of capture this locality, traditional yellow page website has huge advantage, because they have a batch of notorious sale groups, visit this locality businessman through sweeping the means of the ave namely, come their advertisement puts in gaze at.

This locality searchs the advantage that has many sided, what the essence of the public praise transmission that includes a netizen, businessman allows sale and this locality is convenient channel. Look at present, many fractionize market still remains to dig, had not tried water because of businessman of most this locality online advertisement, especially the advertisement; on this locality search moreover, these this locality businessmen are easy advocate frequency is taller also, this metropolis still comes to ad business rich and generous redound.

Ad strategy ability wins out on market of this locality search